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Delaware Technical Community College is a statewide institution of higher learning where all students have an opportunity to reach their goals and potential. Several factors make Delaware Tech an outstanding college - excellent programs, high quality instruction and a commitment to serving our students and our business community.

Our programs of instruction are career relevant, and our faculty members are dedicated professionals who are well versed in their fields. Students entering college for the first time and those seeking to finish their degrees find a great deal of support and encouragement as they pursue their studies at any of our four campus locations.

Attending college requires commitment - a commitment you make to yourself and your future. It is a choice you make when you come to the realization that knowledge is power, and the power of the future lies with those who are prepared to handle its challenges. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and you will make a difference in your life. I assure you that our faculty and staff will be there to make certain that you gain the education you need in order to succeed, not only at Delaware Tech, but in your chosen profession as well.

My best wishes for a rewarding educational experience.


Dr. Orlando J. George, Jr.

Dr. Orlando J. George, Jr.

Dr. Orlando J. George, Jr.