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Professional development class focuses on presenters discussion.

Employee Professional Learning

Variety, Choice, and Voice

Delaware Tech is focused on education for students AND employees. The College offers opportunities for our incredible employees to participate in continuous growth and development, which are critical in maintaining the excellence of our workforce and supporting our mission.

What is Professional Development?

Professional Development is defined as education and activities for employees to gain and improve the knowledge and skills important to their position and growth. The objectives of professional development are to build on an individual's knowledge and skills in key areas:

  • Content related to one's specific role at the College (e.g. technology skills)
  • Instruction (e.g. implementing active learning strategies)
  • Career & Personal (e.g. health and wellness; employee benefits)
  • Leadership (e.g. leadership styles; employee retention)
  • Organizational (e.g. College mission; Institutional effectiveness)

How Do I Know When Professional Development is Offered?

Upcoming professional development events are listed on the Professional Development calendar. You can subscribe to the calendar, filter the list by category and audience, and print.

Upcoming Events

Campus Icons: Diamond - Collegewide, D - Dover, G - Georgetown, S - Stanton, W - Wilmington

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