Salary Plan D Description

(As Amended Effective September 14, 2010 )


All full-time employees of the College in positions listed on Page 9 of this Plan shall be compensated in accordance with Salary Plan D.


All position classifications and level designations require the advance approval of the Board and are listed on Page 9.


1. The College Affirmative Action Plan shall be followed in the recruitment and selection of employees.

2. Employees shall be selected on the basis of performance capability relating to the specific needs of the College.

3. Classification specifications which include the minimum qualifications for each position shall be maintained by the Office of the President and shall be adhered to in the selection and classification of all employees.

4. Individuals employed in the position of vice president on or after September 22, 2005, shall serve at the pleasure of the President and may be removed by the President at any time, with or without cause.  A vice president hired after adoption of this policy shall be an at-will employee, and shall not be entitled to any of the rights or privileges afforded to other employees, or other classes of employees, by any Board or College policy, rule, regulation or procedure regarding discipline, grievances or termination.  A vice president who is removed from his or her position by the President shall not be entitled to other employment with the College. 
(Added Board of Trustees, 9/22/05)


Relevant work experience for purposes of this Plan shall mean:

1. Those occupational/professional activities for pay which in purpose and function bear a direct relationship to the requirements for successful performance in the Delaware Technical & Community College position, and which would tend to contribute to the depth and breadth of a staff member in ways not ordinarily associated with formal educational training.

2. While no fixed rules are established to measure such relevance, the College administration reserves discretionary rights in assessing the relevant work experience of any prospective candidate for employment.

3. Acceptance by the prospective employee of the relevant experience as determined by the College shall be a condition of employment, and shall be specified on the Personnel Data Form and on the Salary Plan A & D New Hire Education and Experience Summary Form.


Entry salaries shall be determined by placement on the Index Salary Schedule, placement on the Administrative Responsibility Schedule, and calculated as follows:

1. Placement on the Index Salary Schedule shall be based on the employee's years of relevant work experience as defined above, up to and including twenty-five years, and on academic preparation (earned degrees must be granted by a regionally accredited college or university or, in the case of international degrees, must be recognized and approved by the country issuing the degree and must be equivalent to United States regional accreditation standards).

2. Placement on the Administrative Responsibility Schedule shall be based on the level of the position classification and the tier (employee's years of experience in that level).

3. The actual entry salary is calculated by multiplying the Index Salary determined in E.1 above by the Index determined in E.2 above.

The Index Salary Schedule and the Administrative Responsibility Schedule are listed on Page 7 and are established in compliance with Delaware Code, Title 14, Section 9219.


1. As dictated by the Professional Development Plan, earning a degree from a recognized college or university, and/or attaining additional recognized credits subsequent to earning a degree, which is/are relevant and usable to one's work assignment, shall entitle the employee to advance on the Index Salary Schedule.

2. For the purpose of this section relative to earned degrees, "Earning" shall mean written certification (official transcript) by the granting institution that all of the requirements for the degree have been satisfied.

3. In accordance with provisions set forth in Delaware Code, Title 14, Section 9219 (c)(1), placement on the index shall be based on the employee's actual degree, additional credits, and years of relevant experience as of July 1 of that fiscal year. Advancement for additional degrees and credits completed on or after that date and through December 31 will become effective on January 1. Advancement in any of these areas after January 1 will become effective for salary purposes on July 1 of the following fiscal year.


1. All appointments to acting positions at the campuses and the President's Office require the President's approval. The President may, subject to Board approval, make acting appointments for the position of Vice President and Campus Director.

2. Employees in positions in Salary Plan D serving in other acting positions within the Plan at levels above those of their regular positions for thirty (30) calendar days or more shall receive the applicable salary for the Salary Plan D position to which they are appointed. A five to ten percent acting supplement may also be paid to Salary Plan D employees serving for thirty (30) calendar days or more in positions in the same level as their regular positions only if the employee also continues to perform the duties of his/her regular position.

3. Salary increases mandated by the General Assembly or the Board of Trustees are to be calculated as follows:

The salary increase shall be calculated on the employee's total compensation; i.e., the annual base salary plus the acting supplement. When the employee leaves acting status, the annual base salary shall be that rate in effect when appointed to acting status plus any increases for which he/she is eligible that occurred during the acting status period.


The salaries of employees in Salary Plan D positions which are reclassified to a higher or lower level shall be calculated in accordance with Section E, Entry Salaries, of this Plan.


1. Transfers to Salary Plan A

The salaries of employees transferring to positions in Salary Plan A shall be determined in accordance with Section E, Entry Salaries, of Salary Plan A. Any decrease in salary shall become effective at the beginning of the next fiscal year.

2. Transfers from One Position Classification to Another Within the Same Salary Plan D Level

No change in salary.

3. Transfers to Salary Plan B

The Vice President and Campus Director, after approval by the President, and the President for Office of the President, shall authorize an annual salary for employees transferring to Salary Plan B positions based upon the qualifications of the employee, which shall not be less than the minimum entry salary nor more than the midpoint of the Salary Plan B pay grade. Any decrease in salary shall become effective at the beginning of the following fiscal year.


The salaries of employees who are promoted to a level above that of their current positions shall be calculated in accordance with Section E, Entry Salaries, of this Plan.


The salaries of employees who are demoted to a level lower than that of their current positions shall be calculated in accordance with Section E, Entry Salaries, of this Plan. Any decrease in salaries shall become effective at the beginning of the next fiscal year.


Vice Presidents who have attained one or more years of College service in a Vice President position may receive, upon the recommendation of the President, an annual supplement of three to eight percent of their annual base salary depending on their years’ service in a V.P. position.  The supplement shall be paid annually as a lump-sum cash bonus or tax-sheltered annuity, at the individual employee's discretion, and is not to be added to the annual base salary; provided, however, that the president may elect to defer the disbursement of any supplement, without interest, until such time as s/he may choose.  Deferred bonuses shall not be restricted to a lump-sum payment.  Determination of supplements shall be based on the following schedule:

Years in VP Position Supplemental Percentage
1 3%
2 4%
3 5%
4 6%
5 7%
6+ 8%

(Amended Board of Trustees 4/16/2002, 9/18/2003; 4/7/2009)


Employees designated as Collegewide Coordinators are responsible for providing administrative direction and oversight to Collegewide committees in designated operational areas. These employees are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the President. All campus based employees designated as Collegewide Coordinators shall use the title of Assistant Vice President in carrying out all collegewide functions and responsibilities. The annual salary supplement shall be ten percent of their annual base salary.


Exceptions to the policies contained in Sections G through L may be authorized by the President, after review by the Human Resources Department, in cases where, in their judgment, application of these policies would result in inequitable treatment of an employee and/or would not be in keeping with the best interests of the College.
(Amended 6/7/2005 and 9/22/2005)


Vice Presidents and Campus Directors (President for Office of the President) may designate an employee as an “administrative intern” for a period of up to 12 months.  Campus administrative intern designations extending beyond 12 months require the approval of the President.  The purpose of administrative interns is to provide opportunities to gain new knowledge, skills, and experience in another field, department, division, and/or campus in order to enhance professional development by assuming different duties and/or working on special projects.  Employees with this approved designation will receive no change in their current salaries.

(Added 9/14/10 Board of Trustees)

P.  All of the provisions of Salary Plan D are subject to any applicable federal and State laws and regulations, the Personnel Policy Manual, the Professional Development Plan, the Manual of Procedural Guidelines, and the availability of funds.