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Areas of Support

Delaware Technical Community College plays a vital role in the state of Delaware. Being the only community college in the state, we single-handedly influence the daily operation of the state. Our students come from all walks of life to enroll in our programs and the majority stay right here in Delaware to improve the cities and communities that they live and work in.

Since approximately 45% of our budget is supplied by the state primarily for personnel costs and state financial aid, the College gains the rest of its revenue from student tuition and fees, grants and contracts as well as private gifts. The Delaware Tech Educational Foundation was established to help encourage private support for our students and their financial and educational needs.

Over the past few years, we've implemented incremental tuition increases to supplement the budget. Simply relying upon increased tuition costs will minimize our impact on assisting students with achieving their educational needs. For the past two years, Delaware Tech has seen record enrollments as students are turning to education to improve their skill-set for the workforce. In Fiscal Year 2010, there are nearly 16,000 students enrolled in Delaware Tech's campuses across the state. This represents a 4.7% increase from the previous year. In addition to having more students enrolled, we have a greater number of those student taking classes full-time compared to the past.


In Fiscal Year 2009, approximately 8,760 students received financial assistance through Federal grants, loans, Delaware scholarships and miscellaneous scholarship awards. The average award for students receiving financial assistance was $2,527.61. Many businesses, community and civic organizations, families, individuals, alumni, parents and friends have demonstrated their interest in supporting student scholarships.

Capital Projects and Equipment

Being a technical school, most of the training and education that students receive is completed with equipment. Delaware Tech has ongoing needs for equipment (both new and used) so that students can be adequately trained. Additionally, each Delaware Tech campus has building and expansion projects that they'd like to see come to fruition to better meet the needs of the communities that it serves.

Academic Programs

Delaware Tech's academic programs are a reflection of the current job market within the State of Delaware. Delaware Tech actively seeks input from local businesses and communities to find out what jobs are in demand or what companies will need 2-5 years down the line. There are over 100 different programs for students to choose at Delaware Tech. The major areas of study at Delaware Tech are Business, Education, Engineering Technologies, Entrepreneurship, Health & Science and Industrial & Public Service.

Workforce Development and Community Education

Delaware Tech successfully provides continuing education courses, job skills training certificate programs, classes, workshops, seminars and various conferences through its Workforce Development and Community Education division. Courses are taught under the realm of Personal Development as well as Business and Professional Development. Currently, students are faced with privately financing these courses to advance their careers or not take them all because of the Federal Government's limitation on these students applying financial aid toward Workforce Development and Community Education courses. Delaware Tech is able to assist some students with support, but not as much as we'd like to.

Delaware Tech lacrosse player running with the ball.Athletics

Delaware Tech students have the opportunity to participate in athletic programs at the various campuses to compete in the National Junior College Athletic Association. Students in Georgetown compete in Baseball, Softball and Golf. Students at Dover compete in Men's Lacrosse, Women's Volleyball and Women's Cross Country. Students at the Stanton and Wilmington locations compete in Men's and Women's Basketball, Men's Soccer and Women's Softball. Many of the students receive athletic scholarships from Delaware Tech and teams are in need of support for facility improvements, equipment and uniforms, travel costs and other miscellaneous expenses.

International Education

Delaware Tech's International Education Program offers students the unique opportunity to study and engage in hands-on cultural experiences both abroad and on-campus. The program strives to give students the skills they need to successfully work with diverse groups and compete in today's global workforce. Since 2005, scholarships have enabled over 300 Delaware Tech students to study abroad on 33 international courses developed and led by Delaware Tech faculty in countries such as Belize, Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, China, Turkey, Mexico, Ecuador, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, the Republic of Ireland, and Denmark. Participating students often report back that their study abroad experience served as a positive turning point in their lives, and helps them to better understand both themselves and their career choices. Funding for International Education also supports the on-campus Global Understanding Series, which brings notable cross-cultural speakers and cultural performances to the Delaware Tech stage. This series is free and open to the local community.

Youth Camp Scholarships

At Delaware Tech, we recognize that the seeds for a successful college experience are planted well before high school. Our summer camps, which serve children from age five to 17, provide safe, challenging, enriching and fun experiences at each of our four campus locations. Many disadvantaged youth could benefit from our camps if scholarship money was available. Currently, we receive little government and private support to run these programs.

Library Support

Delaware Tech libraries are an integral part of the College's instructional programs. Our librarians emphasize investigative and information management skills which support students' ongoing needs for life-long learning in their professional and personal lives. The libraries require a collection of traditional and electronic resources to support the ever-changing curriculum and to respond to the educational needs, abilities and interests of a diverse student body. The expense of online data bases and other technologically advanced resources continues to grow; however, they are vital to support our students' need for access to learning materials when and where it fits their busy schedules.

Student Success

Our students come from all walks of life to enroll in our programs, and the majority stay right here in Delaware to improve the cities and communities that they live and work in. The Delaware Technical Community College Educational Foundation is dedicated to the success of our students. We need your help to address their many needs.

Education is the key to a better life for our students and their families. Scholarships make it possible for many of our students to attend college. Whether they are studying to be a nurse, enrolled in a workforce training program, or exploring another country through our International Education program, scholarships open the door to education. Even our youngest students can receive a scholarship to attend our on campus daycare or summer camps.

Your donations also help to fund Student Success Initiatives like tutoring, emergency assistance, library services, and learning communities. These programs help students stay in school even when they struggle with coursework or life circumstances. Your support makes these programs possible.

Explore the many ways your donations make a big difference in the lives of our students.

Other Areas

The College has established specific fund lines for support that were either set-up by administrators or established by alumni, faculty and staff or friends of the college. Scroll through the Educational Foundation Funds list to look for other funding areas that may interest you.