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Naming Opportunities

Delaware Tech has many opportunities available for individuals, families and businesses who may be interested in naming opportunities at the college. The financial requirements for each opportunity vary, so it is best to speak with a college representative to understand the process. Our comprehensive naming policy is designed to help secure the College's on-going commitment to affordable, high quality education for years to come. The policy stipulates guidelines for designation of college buildings, facilities, and specific areas on the College's four campuses in honor of individuals or entities who have donated financially to the institution. Gifts that are not used in the construction of new facilities will support the College's Educational Foundation helping campuses meet critical needs and fund scholarships for students.

Although donations of less than $25,000 will be considered for tribute markers such as benches, theatre seats and trees, the following guidelines have been developed for new and existing campus facilities:

  • New buildings: 50% of construction costs
  • Existing unnamed buildings: Minimum contribution of $500,000
  • High visibility areas such as a conference room, library, gym or athletic field: Contribution of $150,000 - $500,000 or greater depending on the area
  • Classrooms and laboratories: Contribution of $25,000 - $150,000 or greater depending on the room

In those cases where facilities are named for people, such facilities should be named for distinguished individuals who are preeminent in their field of endeavor or have contributed meaningfully to Delaware Technical Community College. Any proposed name "shall bring honor and distinction to the College." The Board, College president and campus directors will have final approval of all naming decisions.

For more information about naming opportunities, please contact us.