Mission, Vision, Strategic Directions and Values Statement


Delaware Technical Community College is a statewide multi-campus community college committed to providing open admission, post-secondary education at the associate degree level. The College offers comprehensive educational opportunities that support economic development and are relevant and responsive to the needs of the community including career, general, developmental, and transfer education; workforce training; professional development; and lifelong learning. The College believes in the practical value of higher education as a means of economic and personal advancement. The College respects its students as individuals and as members of diverse groups and is committed to fostering student success.


The College will achieve its mission through the goals listed below:

  • Academic programs will prepare students for successful employment upon completion and/or transfer to a senior institution.
  • Developmental education will prepare students in mathematics, reading, and writing to be successful in entry-level College courses and workforce training.
  • Workforce training and professional development programs will prepare and support a competitive workforce.
  • Personal enrichment programs will provide lifelong learning opportunities for the community.
  • Programs, activities, and services will create a welcoming and inclusive environment that promotes respect for diverse cultures, backgrounds, and points of view.
  • The College will provide an environment that cultivates student learning and success.
  • Public and private resources will be sought, obtained, and utilized to advance the College Mission and Goals.


Delaware Technical Community College will be:

  • An institution focused on educational excellence by engaging students through multiple strategies to attain their educational goals.
  • An institution dedicated to the design, development, and delivery of technology enabled learning experiences that promote student satisfaction and success.
  • An organization in which communication and work are infused with technology that maximizes results, convenience and service satisfaction.
  • An institution recognized as an educational leader in fields that contribute to the economic success of the State and the well-being of Delawareans, including the environment and energy use.
  • An organization that facilitates access to financial resources for students, readily adapts to changing financial climates, and continuously focuses on the most efficient and effective use of resources.
  • An institution recognized for its value and excellence through enhanced support from community partners and donors.

Strategic Directions respond to trends in the external environment that will impact accomplishment of the College mission and vision. The Strategic Directions position the College to successfully address opportunities and obstacles presented by external trends. The Strategic Directions serve as the foundation for developing strategic goals in the College and Campus Plans.

The 2012 - 2016 Strategic Directions are:

  • Strengthen services, programs and procedures to demonstrate a strong student-centered focus and to foster student success and degree completion
  • Expand and leverage financial, operational and partnership resources to improve efficiency and meet increased demand
  • Provide innovative leadership and programming that fuels economic development initiatives for the State and prepares competitive graduates for Delaware’s business and industry
  • Promote transparency and awareness of institutional outcomes to demonstrate commitment to continual improvement
  • Enhance communication strategies with all stakeholders to increase their engagement and promote the College’s value
  • Augment institutional structures and systems to attract and retain qualified employees and optimize their talents and contributions
  • Integrate principles of sustainability in College operations and instructional programs

2012 - 2016 College Strategic Directions Booklet


Delaware Technical Community College values the One College philosophy, our collective commitment by all employees to create a consistent student experience throughout the entire College, across all locations - an experience that reflects our proud legacy of providing Delawareans with access, opportunity, excellence, and hope to achieve their dreams through education. We believe that student success is paramount; that open, honest and respectful communication is essential; and that a strong sense of team spirit is the key to "getting it right" for the communities we serve.