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Delaware Tech is committed to putting Delawareans to work – in today’s economy there is nothing more important. We believe the ultimate measure of the College’s success is the hiring of our graduates. Graduate placement survey results indicate that 94% of recent graduates are either employed or continuing their education.

Are you ready to join these Delaware Tech graduates in a bright and successful future? Start now with one of our programs in high-demand fields like energy, information security and healthcare. These programs were developed to respond to the area’s workforce needs, and range from a six-week training course to an associate’s degree. Below you will find descriptions and contact information to help you choose what educational path is right for your lifestyle.

Manufacturing Technician Certificate: Manufacturing Technician certificate faculty and student discuss equipment.Manufacturing Technician Certificate: Manufacturing Technician certificate faculty and student discuss equipment.

Manufacturing Technician
Certificate Program

Interested in a job as a production technician or machine equipment operator? We can train you in only five weeks at Delaware Tech.

Delaware businesses need trained technicians.
With an increased focus on energy efficiency, businesses statewide are looking for production technicians and machine equipment operators to help them reduce their energy use, save money, and get the highest performance from vital equipment. Delaware Tech’s new Manufacturing Technician certificate is a full-time, five-week training program at the College’s recently-renovated Innovation and Technology Center in New Castle, DE. In just 5 weeks you will learn lean maintenance, prep math, precision measurement, hand and power tools, torque specs, blueprint reading, mechanical systems, electricity and more.

Enroll today!

  • 2013 Sessions starting July 22 and October 22.
  • Learn from highly-qualified instructors
    using new state-of-the-art simulators.
  • Be prepared to work in only five weeks.
  • Tuition assistance may be available to qualified applicants
For more information

Manufacturing Technician Certificate Information Sheet

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Certified Electronic Health Records SpecialistCertified Electronic Health Records Specialist

Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist
Training Program

Interested in a career in high demand? Enroll in Delaware Tech's Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist program.

Delaware's hospitals and doctors' offices need trained specialists.

New federal mandates regarding electronic health records have increased the demand for electronic health records support staff. Certified Electronic Health Records Specialists organize and manage health information data by ensuring its quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security in both paper and electronic formats. Classes are taught through lecture and student labs, culminating in an internship experience to reinforce skills obtained in the classroom.

Enroll today!

  • The next session starts September 17, 2012, and ends February 5, 2013.
  • Classes are scheduled Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 3:00pm at Delaware Tech's Terry Campus in Dover.
  • Graduates are eligible to take the national certification exams from the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

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Environmental Engineering TechnologyEnvironmental Engineering Technology

Environmental Engineering Technology
Associate Degree Program

As our fragile environment continues to degrade, sustainable resources are disappearing, biodiversity is decreasing, public health is being impacted, and there is an increase in the overall amount of environmental concerns that need to be addressed. With such a large impact base of industries, including construction, water, wastewater, transportation, recreation, chemical, and manufacturing, there is a need for environmental engineering technicians. The Associate in Applied Science degree in Environmental Engineering Technology provides students with knowledge and skills in the general and technical aspects of preventing, assessing, and managing environmental issues. Students in this program master common practice environmental procedures such as sampling, assessment, design, result recording, and analysis. They gain valuable knowledge through a learn-by-doing approach to environmental problem solving using state-of-the-art field, laboratory, and computer program equipment.

Graduates can be employed as

  • Environmental Engineering Technicians
  • Compliance Technicians
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Consultants
  • Environmental Projects Managers

Or you can complete your associate degree and then transfer to a four-year institution as a junior. If you want to pursue a career protecting our environment, call today!

For more information

Owens Campus

Stanton Campus

Environmental Engineering Technology Information Sheet

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Information SecurityInformation Security

Information Security
Associate Degree Program

Want to make the world a safer place? Our Information Security program will launch you into a rewarding career protecting our information networks.

Put your analytical skills to work

Cyberspace is no longer a space-age term;it's a real description of the virtual environment of information and interactions across the globe. Today,cyber threats impact almost every aspect of our lives,from our finances and health to critical systems that control power grids and national defense.

There is a growing need for securing cyberspace infrastructure, and those with strong analytical skills and a sense of professional ethics are perfect candidates for this growing career. Learn how to build and maintain secure networks, diagnose and resolve vulnerabilities,implement security policies,and manage operating systems. Students graduating with an associate degree will be prepared to protect personal computing devices (smart phones,tablets,laptops) and networked computing devices (desktop computers and servers) from various cyber threats.

Successful graduates are in demand

Graduates are well-positioned for entry-level jobs such as:

  • Database administrator
  • Computer network technician
  • Network specialist
  • Computer support specialist
  • Network administrator
For more information

Information Security Information Sheet

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Renewable Energy - SolarRenewable Energy - Solar

Renewable Energy - Solar
Associate Degree Program

Be Part of the Growing Solar Industry

Why Solar?

With recent advancements in solar technology and greater financial incentives, many builders, homeowners and businesses are considering using solar energy. The solar industry is expected to grow by 15% through 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In Delaware, aggressive renewable energy portfolio standards will further the growth of the solar industry, and by 2025, 25% of all electricity in the state will come from renewable sources, including solar and wind.

Delaware Tech has responded with a two-year degree in Renewable Energy- Solar that will prepare you with the skills and knowledge to sell and install photovoltaic and solar thermal hot water systems as well as perform site design. Graduates are qualified to create cost estimates, as well as assemble and build systems at both commercial and residential sites.

Graduates are in demand to provide

  • Solar design
  • Site assessment
  • Photovoltaic Systems Installation
  • Solar Thermal lnstallation
For more information

Renewable Energy - Solar Information Sheet

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Science Education Chemistry PhysicsScience Education Chemistry Physics

Science Education Chemistry Physics
Associate Degree Program

Careers in Teaching Start Here

Delaware has been experiencing teacher shortages in specific critical areas for over a decade. The STEM (Science,Technology,Engineering, and Mathematics) initiative recognizes the need for highly-qualified teachers in these areas, and the Department of Education consistently lists all science disciplines as a critical need for Delaware schools.

The Science Education Associate Degree prepares students for transfer to a bachelor's degree program that leads to a teaching career in high school physics or chemistry. The program provides rigorous science course work as well as field experience in a secondary school setting.

If you think you would enjoy working with high school students to solve mathematical problems, conduct scientific research, and apply scientific principles to explain everyday phenomena, then this is the career for you. Call today!

For more information

Owens Campus

Stanton Campus

Terry Campus

Science Education Chemistry Physics Information Sheet

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Sustainable LandscapingSustainable Landscaping

Sustainable Landscaping
Certificate Program

Are you looking for a new career? Do you have a passion for environmentally responsible landscaping, or are you already working in the green industry and want to expand your skills?

This two week 80-hour training program will provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to succeed in this rapidly growing field. Sustainable Landscaping skills will improve your marketability and the marketability of your company. Using sustainable landscaping practices, you can produce beautiful landscapes that reduce maintenance costs for your client while protecting the environment. Delaware Tech’s Sustainable Landscaping Certificate Program provides students with a basic landscaping background and specific experience in sustainable landscape site assessment, installation, and maintenance. Students who successfully complete the program will be able to apply their knowledge to new and existing landscapes.

EYI 921 2B1 - Fee $799
Starts October 28, 2013
10 sessions, 10/28-11/8, M-F, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Full tuition assistance available.

Topics Covered include:

  • Soils and Compost
    Learn about soil health, site assessment, and testing, as well as how to improve and strengthen soil without damaging other ecosystems.
  • Storm Water Management
    Learn how to harvest water on site and use it for irrigating ornamentals,design and install bio-retention and rain garden systems,and maintain green roofs.
  • Vegetation and Environment
    Learn the importance of existing and new vegetation when assessing a site and designing ecological landscapes.
  • Sustainable Landscape Maintenance
    Learn the best practices of maintaining a site, including weed management, mulching, pruning, fertilizing, and monitoring and treating pest problems.

Call today!

For more information

Sustainable Landscaping Information Sheet

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