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Legislator Lauds College’s Energy Programs at Charging Station Dedication

DOVER – Delaware Senator Harris B. McDowell III, Senate Energy and Transit Chair, drove up to Delaware Tech’s Terry Campus Sept 27 in a Tesla Roadster – a top-of-the-line electric car – in order to utilize the College’s electric car charging station.

Delaware Tech, in partnership with energy leaders around the state, has developed energy management and solar energy programs, which prepare graduates for green jobs in the growing renewable energy field. The station is located just outside of the new Center for Energy Education and Training, which was just opened this year to house energy labs and classrooms that support these programs.

Terry Campus Director June S. Turansky explained that Delaware Tech students have begun taking courses in the new building. “Some are already working in energy-related fields, while others are retraining to begin new careers and some are starting a degree program right out of high school,” Dr. Turansky said. “Our students are learning a wide variety of competencies including sustainability, energy efficiency, alternative energy technologies, and solar energy systems.”

Renewable Energy Chair Jennifer Clemons attended the “Renew America Road Trip” event, held earlier at the State Capitol, which brings emerging electric car technologies to the legislators so they can experience first-hand what it’s like to operate them. Senator McDowell came to Delaware Tech and used its charging station following the event.

As Sen. McDowell plugged in the Tesla, he congratulated Delaware Tech on “another first” for the College. “You took a major step by installing and supporting this charging station,” the Senator said. “Soon these charging stations will be in every parking lot and your students will be ready. Delaware needs organizations such as Delaware Tech working with businesses to encourage and maintain constant, predictable, steady growth in renewable energy technologies.”

Sen. McDowell cited Delaware Tech as being “tops in the state” for meeting the needs of the business community by educating students in the right fields at the right times. As the Tesla was charging, he spoke to students who were walking around the vehicle and taking pictures with their cellphones. “The students are really excited about this new technology,” the Senator said. “They see these cars as the way of the future and they will be part of it.”

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PHOTO CAPTION: Sen. McDowell prepares to use Delaware Tech’s electric car charging station to charge the Tesla Roadster.