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Students Hone Skills to Land Energy Jobs

DOVER – Energy students showcased their final projects in December for interested faculty and staff, who were impressed by the high level of skills and professionalism demonstrated by the students.

These students are not only learning marketable skills, but are building their knowledge about smarter energy usage and applying what they learn in their own homes.

For the Residential/Light Commercial Energy Analysis class, students presented the results of an actual home energy audit, which previously had been conducted at a rental property in the community.

The audit comprised areas inside and outside of the home. Inspection and testing included use of infrared cameras to show air leaks around doors and windows, and a combustion-testing device to check the performance of the oil heater. Energy audits can produce significant cost savings with relatively low homeowner or business owner investment, such as replacing energy-guzzling light bulbs with energy-efficient ones, weather stripping, caulking and clearing debris from insulated areas.

Students produced a spiral-bound, full-color report, complete with photos and charts, to explain the audit process and make recommendations to improve energy efficiency and use.

For the Lighting Application class, students demonstrated two lighting trainers that were built by the class. These trainers will be used, and will continue to be built out, by future energy classes. One trainer demonstrates power consumption and lumens-per-watt using standard incandescent bulbs, energy efficient compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs, and LED bulbs (solid-state bulbs that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of light). The other trainer teaches lighting control techniques, such as dimming.

Pictured in photo are: Energy students Richard Hudson and Lauren Silva demonstrate lighting control techniques on a lighting trainer that was built by their class.