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Delaware Tech Hosts National Surgical Technologist Group, Program Coordinator Named President.

DOVER – The Terry Campus of Delaware Technical Community College hosted the formation of the Delaware State Assembly of the Association of Surgical Technologists on Saturday September 7, 2013.  A milestone for Surgical Technologists in Delaware, the association provides a platform for Delaware’s Surgical Technologists to be recognized as professionals. 

In attendance at the meeting were local Certified Surgical Technologists, members of the Association of Surgical Technologists, and current students studying the profession.  The formation of a State Assembly allows surgical technologists the opportunity to reach out to operating rooms throughout Delaware to encourage not only membership, but to help with the education process and improve the processes and knowledge of surgical technologists in Delaware.

“I feel it is essential to increase the number of trained, certified Surgical Technologists in our state as well as encourage membership for our professional organization,” said Tina Gary, Certified Surgical Technologist and program coordinator for Surgical Technology at Delaware Technical Community College.  “As an educator, it is important to inspire new graduates and current students to be active in the profession as well as the community.”  Ms. Gary was named president of the Delaware State Assembly of the Association of Surgical Technologists.

The Association of Surgical Technologists’ national president, Mr. Roy Zacharias, CST, FAST, shared that surgical technology is one of the faster growing professions nationwide.  He said, “Our biggest goal is providing the best care for the patient.  The Association’s motto is “Aeger Primo”: the patient first - that’s our motto; that’s what we live by.”

Ron Kruzel, CEO of the National Board of Surgical Technologists and Surgical Assistance, the organization that provides professional certification for the surgical technologists and surgical assistants, believes “having a professional certification is paramount to demonstrating basic understanding and knowledge of core operating room principles and patient care techniques.”

Also in attendance was Susan Jeffery, a Certified Surgical Technologist and member of the national state assembly leadership committee, a committee that facilitates state assembly formation.  Ms. Jeffery said, “A state assembly is a place where surgical technologists in every given state can gather twice a year for meetings, educational sessions, and camaraderie to discuss new procedures and what is going on in their jobs.”

The Delaware State Assembly will be integral in fundraising events, which will offer community outreach and student scholarships.  Delaware Tech offers the only associate degree program in Delaware for surgical technologists.  Students are eligible to obtain the Certified Surgical Technologist credential after successful completion of the program.

Photo: Susan Jeffery, Certified Surgical Technologist; Mr. Roy Zacharias, CST, FAST, Tina Gary, program coordinator; Kelly Boyle, Administrative Coordinator for NBSTSA; Ron Kruzel, CEO of NBSTSA in Delaware Tech Terry Campus Surgical Technology Lab.