Networking Dinner Gives Students Food for Thought

STANTON / WILMINGTON - On February 17, the Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology Department at Delaware Tech’s Stanton/Wilmington Campus hosted a networking dinner bringing together students and industry professionals for an evening of conversation and engagement. A total of 17 students and 13 professionals representing eight companies attended, as well as faculty and campus administrators. The potential employers told student about job opportunities at their companies, while the students asked questions and shared their backgrounds. The dinner was the result of a Student Success Grant received by the Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology Department, led by Student Enrichment Coordinator Andrea Majewski. During the dinner, students and professionals were randomly assigned tables; the seats were rotated during dessert so students were exposed to a wider array of contacts. According to Majewski, the event was well received by students and professionals alike. “Everyone was so enthusiastic and engaged,” Majewski noted. She said they hope to repeat the event next year. The format was modeled after a similar dinner hosted by the Chemistry Department, led by Chemistry Instructor Maurizio Bianchi. Each of the professional attendees received a Delaware Tech gift bag that included a thumb drive laded with the students’ resumes. In turn, the students received information about each company prior to the event. Students were also given hints and tips for making the event a success. “Everyone collaborated to make the evening a success. We can’t wait to do it again,” said Majewski, adding that she hopes the idea will spread to other departments and campuses of the College.