Starry, Starry Night - Georgetown

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Starry Starry Night, the annual black-tie optional gala for the Jack F. Owens Campus in Georgetown, has been “the place to be” in Sussex County on the last Saturday in April since it began in 2001. This highly successful themed event for 500 guests features a reception, dinner, performance, art exhibit, cultural activities and specialty desserts and beverages. Guests have “traveled” to countries around the world, experienced life during the 1960s era and been wowed by nature’s marvels and man’s ingenuity.

The gala is a fundraiser for Delaware Tech’s Educational Foundation and has helped to provide funds for textbooks, scholarships and tutoring services, student learning tools for classrooms, building expansion and the arts programming capacity of the campus theater.

2015 Starry, Starry Night Video

2015 Starry, Starry Night Photos

2015 Starry, Starry Night

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