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Media Inquiries

Media inquiries should be directed to:


Tammy Watkins
Assistant Vice President for Marketing & Public Relations
(302) 857-1689 or

Dr. Judi Sciple
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and College Relations
(302) 857-1665 or

Stanton and Wilmington Campuses:

Allison Hayes
Public Relations Manager
(302) 453-3709 or

Terry Campus in Dover:

Melissa Duko
Public Relations Manager
(302) 857-1417 or

Dr. Martha Hofstetter
Assistant to the Campus Director
(302) 857-1124 or

Owens Campus in Georgetown:

Christine Gillan
Public Relations Manager
(302) 259-6100 or

Jason Burlew
Public Information Officer
(302) 259-6102 or