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Filing a Report

How to Report Criminal Activities

Delaware Technical Community College encourages each member of the campus community to report any crimes and criminal activity to the Public Safety Department for immediate action. Other areas of concern you might have about safety or security should be reported to the Public Safety Department so they can be addressed. Individual concerns about criminal activity, safety, or security issues can be reported to any college official or directly to the Public Safety Department. You can contact the Public Safety Department in person, in writing, or by telephone.

We ask that faculty, staff, and students who are concerned about a person and/or his/her behavior complete the Incident/Behavior Report form. Your support of this process is essential. Together we can help ensure a safe, supportive learning environment.

This process does not replace or substitute for calling 911 in an emergency or for incidents that could lead to injury or damage to property.

Owens Campus, Georgetown
21179 College Drive
Georgetown, Delaware 19947
(302) 259-6241

Terry Campus, Dover
100 Campus Drive
Dover, Delaware 19904-1383
(302) 857-1110

Stanton Campus, Newark
400 Stanton-Christiana Road
Newark, Delaware  19713
(302) 454-3911

George Campus, Wilmington
300 N. Orange St.
Wilmington, Delaware  19801
(302) 552-5911

Delaware Technical Community College encourages everyone to become an active participant in his/her personal safety. This can be achieved in part by reporting crimes that occur on college property. On the rare occasion that some criminal activity occurs on campus, it should be reported in a timely manner. Every member of the campus community has an obligation to make a report of the crime or criminal activity to Public Safety for investigation. Remember, safety is everyone's responsibility. It is college policy that criminal offenses occurring on college property will be reported to the police for investigation.

In some circumstances, persons who have witnessed or suspect criminal activity or who are victims of criminal activity may be reluctant to file a report out of fear of the ‘process’ and/or loss of anonymity.  Nevertheless, persons having knowledge of criminal activity (including victims of such activity) are encouraged to make a report to any of the Campus Security Authorities listed in below in this Report. Confidential reports provide valuable information that may be used to enhance the safety of the College Community. All reports will be investigated. Reports or incidents requiring confidentiality will be handled with due regard to privacy interests, and information will only be disclosed to others on a “need to know” basis. To the greatest extent feasible, the results of an investigation into a reported and/or investigated incident will be provided to and discussed with all parties involved in such incidents.  Crime Statistic Reports created and maintained under the Clery Act do not contain the names of either the victim or the person accused of committing the crime.

The Clery Act defines a Campus Security Authority as:

  • A member of the campus police department or a campus security department of an institution
  • An individual or individuals who have responsibility for campus security but who do not constitute a campus police/security department (E.g. an individual who is responsible for monitoring the entrance into the institutional property)
  • An organization or individual specified in an institution’s statement of campus security policy as an individual or organization to which students and employees should report criminal offenses
  • An official of an institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities
    Individuals at each campus holding the following positions are hereby designated Campus Security

Campus Security Authorities at Delaware Tech include:

  • All members of the Public Safety Department
  • The Dean of Student Affairs (and professional staff)
  • The Director of Human Resources (and professional staff)
  • Any Athletic Director or Coach
  • Any Faculty Advisor to a Student Group
  • Campus Administrator
  • Academic Counselor
  • ADA Counselor
  • Community Resource Contact
  • Title IX Coordinator (and investigator)

Need to Report a Crime?

Service Owens Campus Terry Campus Stanton Campus George Campus
Emergency Assistance 911 911 911 911
Campus Public
Safety Office
(302) 259-6241 (302) 857-1110 (302) 454-3938 (302) 573-5418
Dean of Student Affairs (302) 259-6040   (302) 454-3999 (302) 571-5360
Reporting Center

(302) 855-2980

(302) 739-4863
(302) 573-2800
(302) 573-2800
Georgetown Police
(302) 856-6613 (302) 857-1036    
Dover Police
  (302) 736-7111    
Delaware State Police
Troop #2
    (302) 834-2620  
Wilmington Police
      (302) 654-5151
Victim Services (800) 842-8461 (302) 736-7134 (800) 262-9800 (302) 576-3622
Rape Crisis (800) 262-9800 (800) 262-9800    
Sexual Assault Response Center     (800) 773-8570 (800) 773-8570