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IDs, Parking and Access

Student Identification Cards

Registered students are required to obtain a College photo identification card. There is no charge for the initial student ID and/or one replacement ID. All subsequent ID's will be subject to a $10 replacement charge. You must present a form of photo identification (State issued driver’s license, identification card, or military identification) to obtain a student ID card. You are required, by college policy, to be in possession of the ID card whenever on campus. You may be required to show the ID cards at College functions, the Wellness Center, or the Business Office. ID cards are also required to use the Tutoring Center, the labs, and to borrow books from your Campus Library. For additional information, please call your specific campus for details.

Access to Campus Facilities

The use of any property or facility owned by Delaware Technical Community College, or upon which College activities are conducted, is limited to registered students, authorized visitors, and employees. All visitors (including contractors and other service providers) shall register with the Public Safety Office and obtain a visitor's pass immediately upon entering any college campus.  Visitor’s passes shall be conspicuously displayed at all times while a visitor is on campus, and shall be returned to the Public Safety Office at the time of departure.

The Vice President and Campus Director shall have authority to designate certain campus areas or facilities as public areas or facilities, which shall be open to members of the general public without prior registration with the Public Safety Office, or certain events as public events for which prior registration with the Public Safety Office shall not be required. In addition, the Vice President and Campus Director shall have the authority to adopt different procedures for registering visitors for designated events.

The Director of Administrative Services, or his designee, may authorize the issuance of an identification badge to a contractor or other service provider who is expected to frequently appear on campus in the ordinary course of business; provided, however, that such badges shall only authorize the presence of the contractor or other service provider on campus during regular business hours and shall expire within 30 days or less from the date of issuance.

All faculty and staff shall conspicuously display an identification badge issued by the College at all times while on campus. All students shall be required to possess a valid student identification card at all times while on campus, and shall present the same to faculty or staff when requested.

Most campus facilities are unlocked during normal business hours. Labs that contain computers and related equipment are only open for use when an instructor or other authorized staff member is present. Employees, students, or visitors needing access to any facilities that are closed or locked must contact the Public Safety Office and must have a valid reason for entering a closed or restricted area. Proper identification will be required from any person seeking access to a locked area. Students will not be allowed access to locked areas without an instructor or other authorized staff member present. Students will be denied general access to closed facilities during semester breaks and holidays in which the campus is officially closed.      

The Director of Administrative Services may authorize members of the Administrative Services Department who conduct maintenance operations to wear uniform shirts embossed with the college name in lieu of displaying an identification badge when, in the opinion of the Director, wearing an identification badge would constitute an unreasonable risk to the safety of the employee. Contractors and other service providers engaged to perform work on campus are under the supervision of the Director of Administrative Services and are restricted to those areas of the campus that are necessary to perform the work or services for which they have been engaged. 


Only the Stanton and Wilmington Campuses require parking stickers.