Safe Campus Program

The Delaware Tech Public Safety Office urges all members of the college community to participate in making our campuses as safe as possible. If you develop good safety and security habits, you can assist us in safeguarding your property and our campuses. Campus safety and security is an important part of campus life. Your safety is our priority!

  • Safety Tips
  • Individual Responsibility
  • Reducing the Risk of Sexual Assault
  • Rape Awareness
  • Crime Alert Bulletins (Timely Warnings)
Safety Tips

Safety in Parking Lots

  • Never leave an identification tag on your key ring. If your keys are lost or stolen, it could help a thief find your car and your home.
  • Don't leave the vehicle title, credit cards, gas cards, checkbooks or purses in the car.
  • Lock all valuables in your trunk or leave them at home. Do not leave them in plain view.
  • Always lock your car, remove the keys, and put them in your pocket. When returning to your car, have your keys handy so you don't have to linger before entering the car.
  • Park in lighted areas. Before getting into your car, check the back seat to be sure that no one is inside. After entering, lock the doors.

Safety Outside and at Night

  • Become familiar with Campus parking lots and facilities. This will help you select the best way to travel to and from your classes.
  • Walk directly, confidently, and at a steady pace.
  • Walk facing traffic; stay in well-lighted areas as much as possible.
  • Arrange a buddy system, when practical, with someone with whom you work or study. If you are traveling to remote areas of the campus, contact the Public Safety Office to get a Safe Campus Escort to any location on campus. Safe Campus Escorts are always available to you at any time during the day or evening.

Theft Prevention Tips

"THEFT" is defined by the Delaware Criminal Code as "taking, exercising control over, or obtaining property of another person intending to deprive that person of it." What can you do to prevent THEFT? Simply remove the opportunity by following these suggestions:

  • Do not leave personal property unattended anywhere or at any time.
  • Permanently mark your personal property with an engraving pencil when practical, and write your name in all books.
  • Keep a record of your valuables including serial and model numbers, identifying characteristics, and value.
  • Avoid keeping handbags under your desk or on the floor in the rest rooms. Always close your purse when not using it to prevent onlookers from seeing the contents. Most importantly, never leave it unattended.
  • When at work in your office, keep your purse locked in your desk or filing cabinet.
  • Avoid carrying large sums of money or other valuables when you engage in sporting events or athletic activities.

Individual Responsibility

Personal safety while on campus is the result of a partnership between the Public Safety Department and each individual on campus. Delaware Technical Community College strives to ensure the safety of all individuals within its community. Students and employees, collectively and individually, must take responsibility for their own safety and that of their personal belongings. Simple precautions are the most effective means of maintaining personal security. Each campus of Delaware Technical Community College provides well-lit parking areas and walkways for your use. They should be used during night hours. Public Safety escorts are available upon request. All valuable property should be engraved with the owner's driver's license number or other form of identification. Unattended cars should always be locked. When you leave items of value in your car, they should be locked in the trunk. Students should notify campus Public Safety or a college employee of any unusual events or individuals present on campus.

Reducing the Risk of Sexual Assault
  • Adopting a sense of personal responsibility for one’s safety and common sense can provide a degree of protection from assault.  Following is a list of safety tips: 
  • Find strength in numbers; attend social gatherings with a friend; stick together and arrange a pre-planned signal to alert one another when it’s time to go or if either needs help
  • Avoid walking or jogging alone at night and stick to lighted areas whenever possible; each campus provides escort services during evening hours; contact the relevant campus Public Safety Office to arrange for an escort
  • Keep doors and windows locked and remain aware of your surroundings; never hitchhike
  • Each campus has informational brochures available describing how one may reduce the risk of sexual assault; campus programs designed to provide instruction on defensive skills are conducted from time to time.
Rape Awareness

Delaware Technical Community College strives to make your educational environment safe. The college recognizes that individual conduct while on campus significantly impacts the quality of campus life. Delaware Tech recognizes sexual misconduct of any kind as a socially irresponsible behavior which violates the rights of other individuals. Student Services provides informational brochures as part of a program to enlighten everyone on how to avoid or prevent a sexual assault and also what to do should one occur. You can find these brochures at the Student Services Center and throughout campus where each of the Public Safety information bulletin boards are located.

Upon receiving a complaint of any sexual offense, the college will initiate judicial hearings against the offender regardless of any criminal or civil actions. If it is determined that there has been a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, or in the case of an employee, a violation of the Delaware Technical Community College's Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual, sanctions can be imposed. Sanctions could include dismissal from employment, exclusion from academic participation or other college sponsored programs, and/or denial of access to college facilities.

All reports of sexual assault will initiate an internal mechanism for employees and students to resolve the complaint through the college's Procedure for the Resolution of Sexual Harassment Complaints.

Crime Alert Bulletins (Timely Warnings)

In support of crime prevention efforts, each Delaware Tech campus provides reports (Timely Warnings) to its College Community concerning the occurrence of any Reportable Offense reported to either a local law enforcement agency or to a Campus Security Authority where the occurrence of such an offense is deemed by the relevant Vice President and Campus Director, after consultation with the relevant Chief of Public Safety, to constitute a threat to students or employees. Warnings are designed based on the severity of the crime, the continuing threat to the College Community and the population most likely to be at risk. Warnings will provide a description of the incident, where and when it occurred, a physical description of the perpetrator, any connection to previous reported incidents, category of individuals who may be at risk and the date and time the warning was issued. Dissemination of warnings will depend on similar factors and will consist of posting on a given Campus Web page, targeted announcements on the College portal (MyDTCC), posting on campus information television monitors, bulletin board postings or electronic mail. Similar mechanisms may be used in the event of other emergency circumstances that, while not criminal in nature, nevertheless threaten the safety of members of the College Community. The Chief of Public Safety at each campus is responsible for determining when Crime Alert Bulletins will be made and the duration of the Crime Alert Warning.