A.A.S. Program Course List

Applied Agriculture

Agribusiness Management

A.A.S. Degree (O,T,W)

Agriculture plays an extensive and essential part in today's economy. Individuals seeking a career in agriculture and its related occupations will discover the need for a formal education is now greater than ever. The investment in a modern agricultural enterprise is too costly to permit poor planning and preparation. Sound principles of production, management, and marketing are vital to the successful undertaking of an agricultural business. A broad spectrum of agriculture-related careers extends beyond the farm. Employers look to two-year technical colleges for qualified employees, and entrepreneurs look to the associate degree as a means to prepare them for ownership of an agribusiness.

Agribusiness Management prepares students for positions related to the agriculture industry by developing their knowledge of agriculture, business and economics. This program will enable graduates to obtain positions with large corporations, small business or government agencies. Those who desire to be self-employed may choose to own or operate a farm business. Academics combined with real world experience will prepare students for a variety of employment opportunities.


Courses Credits
ENG 101 Crit Thinking & Acad Writing 3
ENG 102 Composition and Research 3
MAT 150 Business Mathematics 3
MAT 125 Math for the Trades 4
Select 2 course(s) from:
POL 111 Political Science 3
PSY 100 Human Relations 3
PSY 121 General Psychology 3
SOC 111 Sociology 3


Courses Credits
AGS 102 Agricultural Science 3
AGS 104 Intro to Agribusiness Managemt 3
AGS 209 Farm Records & Accounts 3
AGS 212 Intro to Agribusiness Marketng 3
AGS 215 Agriculture Leadership 3
AGS 225 Agriculture Seminar 3
AGS 226 Agribusiness Management Co-op 3
Select 3 course(s) from:
AGS 101 Soil Science 3
AGS 105 Prin of Plant Growth 3
AGS 240 Hydroponics Production 3
AGS 245 Turf Management 3
AGS 250 Greenhouse Crop Production 3


Courses Credits
BUS 101 Introduction to Business 3
CIS 107 Intro to Computers/Application 3
ECO 111 Macroeconomics 3
MGT 212 Principles of Management 3
OAT 152 Excel Level I 3
Select 1 course(s) from:
BIO 140 General Biology 4
BIO 150 Biology I 4
BIO 151 Biology II 4
SCI 223 Applied Ecology 3