A.A.S. Program Course List

Allied Health

Exercise Science

A.A.S. Degree (W)

This curriculum is designed to prepare students as fitness technicians. Students will learn to properly conduct health screenings, administer exercise tests, and develop cardiovascular and strength training exercise programs. Through the technical component of the program, students will develop an in-depth understanding of exercise physiology, kinesiology, exercise testing, and fitness programming. Graduates will be qualified to sit for various certifications as offered by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, or Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach.

Academically ready students can apply to the program following the guidelines of the Allied Health competitive admission process. Interested applicants should review the information provided here and contact their program advisor for application requirements.


Courses Credits
ENG 101 Crit Thinking & Acad Writing 3
ENG 102 Composition and Research 3
PSY 121 General Psychology 3
MAT 153 College Math and Statistics 4
MAT 181 Algebra and Trigonometry I 4
MAT 185 Precalculus 4
SOC 111 Sociology 3
SOC 213 Ethical Issues in Health Care 3


Courses Credits
EXS 100 Introduction to Exercise Scien 4
EXS 101 Functional Kinesiology 3
EXS 105 Conditioning & Strength Trning 4
EXS 120 Wellness and Health Promotion 3
EXS 135 Exercise Science Clinical I 2
EXS 200 Nutrition for Sport & Exercise 3
EXS 205 Fitness for Special Populatns 3
EXS 225 Advanced Exercise Testing 4
EXS 230 Health Fitness Instruction 4
EXS 235 Exercise Clinical II 5


Courses Credits
BIO 115 Nutrition 3
BIO 120 Anatomy and Physiology I 5
BIO 121 Anatomy and Physiology II 5
HLH 110 First Aid, Safety & CPR 3