A.A.S. Program Course List

Computing and Information Science

Computing and Information Science

A.A.S. Degree (W)

Employment demand for graduates with high level computing and information technology skills is projected to continue to increase over the next decade. The Computing and Information Science program provides students with the skills necessary to design computing and information technology solutions so that they are prepared to be successful upon transfer to a bachelor's degree program. Students who wish to continue their education may do so through connected degree programs with local universities, including the University of Delaware and Delaware State University.


Courses Credits
ENG 101 Crit Thinking & Acad Writing 3
ENG 102 Composition and Research 3
HIS 111 U. S. History: Pre-Civil War 3
MAT 181 Algebra and Trigonometry I 4
MAT 185 Precalculus 4
Select 1 course(s) from:
ECO 111 Macroeconomics 3
POL 111 Political Science 3
PSY 121 General Psychology 3
SOC 111 Sociology 3


Courses Credits
CIS 130 Computer Organization 3
CIS 211 Data Structures 4
CSC 114 Computer Science I 4
CSC 164 Computer Science II 4
CSC 214 Computer Science III 4
CSC 264 Applied Computer Capstone 4
MAT 263 Principles of Discrete Math 4
MAT 281 Calculus I 4


Courses Credits
ECO 122 Microeconomics 3
ENG 124 Oral Communications 3
PHY 205 General Physics I 4
PHY 281 Physics I with Calculus 4
MAT 182 Algebra and Trigonometry II 4
MAT 282 Calculus II 4
HIS 112 U. S. History: Post-Civil War 3
SPA 136 Spanish Communication I 4