A.A.S. Program Course List

Web Information Systems

Web Development

A.A.S. Degree (O,T)

The Computer Information Systems department offers the Web Development degree that provides students with a program of instruction in the development, implementation and management of electronic business operations provided online. This program is designed to provide students with a background in the computer applications needed to assist a company wishing to conduct business using the Internet and the World Wide Web. The students acquire knowledge of basic programming, Web construction, interactive Web sites and Internet scripts. Students will be prepared to: create safe and secure networks for businesses having an online presence, to become Web masters capable of building Web sites, and to become technology strategists able to maximize visits to client's sites.


Courses Credits
ECO 111 Macroeconomics 3
ECO 122 Microeconomics 3
ENG 101 Crit Thinking & Acad Writing 3
ENG 102 Composition and Research 3
MAT 153 College Math and Statistics 4


Courses Credits
CIS 141 Operating Systems I 3
CIS 160 Internet/Web Construction 3
CIS 170 Internet/Web Multimedia 3
CIS 194 Networking Technologies 3
CIS 201 Microdatabase Programming 3
CIS 207 Visual Programming 4
CIS 238 Database Design & Programming 4
CIS 240 Systems Analysis & Design 3
CIS 260 Internet/Web Commerce 4
CIS 282 Mobile App Development 4


Courses Credits
BUS 101 Introduction to Business 3
CIS 120 Intro to Programming 4
EBZ 220 Fundamentals of E-Commerce 3
ISY 111 Ethics & the Information Age 2
MKT 212 Principles of Marketing 3