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A.A.T. Program Course List

Early Childhood Education

Early Care and Education (Birth to Second Grade)

A.A.T. Degree (O,T,W)

The Birth to Second Grade Option combines the Early Childhood Development curriculum with a student transfer focus. The program prepares students for transfer to a four-year in-state institutions to complete requirements for a bachelor's degree and early care/education (Birth to Second Grade). The Birth to Second Grade Option is approved by the Department of Education as the first half of an associate/bachelor's preparation for a Birth to Second Grade teaching certification. This program offers full articulation with several four-year institutions. Students participate in laboratory hours in public and private school systems. This curriculum option offers students the opportunity to work toward a four-year degree while preparing for the various positions in the field of early childhood.


ENG101Crit Thinking & Acad Writing3
ENG102Composition and Research3
MAT211Math for Teachers I4
PSY121General Psychology3
PSY125Child Development3
SSC100First Year Seminar1


ECE111Childhd Nutrition/Safety3
ECE120Comtemp Issues in Erly Childhd3
ECE121Infant & Toddler Methods & Lab4
ECE123Early Childhd Methods I & Lab4
ECE125Early Childhd Methods II & Lab4
ECE127Childhood Classroom Mgt3
ECE226Assessment of Young Children3
ECE233Intro to Exceptional Learners3
EDC120Foundations of Literacy3
EDC220Parent/Family/School Interact3


CIS107Intro to Computers/Application3
HIS111U. S. History: Pre-Civil War3
MAT212Math for Teachers II4
MAT213Math for Teachers III4
BIO140General Biology4
BIO150Biology I4