Certificate Program Course List

Culinary Arts

Baking and Pastry Skills Certificate

Certificate (S,T)

Is your favorite room the kitchen and your favorite appliance the stove? If you answered "yes" to both questions, then the one-year Baking and Pastry Skills Certificate offered at Delaware Tech will prepare you for employment in the hospitality industry as an entry-level pastry cook. If you're already an industry professional, you'll learn additional skills to help you advance to a supervisory position. At Delaware Tech, you'll gain experience in the demonstration and skills kitchen, learning the details of culinary arts including food preparation, baking, sanitation, and nutrition.

Courses are offered on a part-time basis, and the 18 credits earned in this program may be applied to the Baking and Pastry Skills Studies Diploma or the Associate Degree in the Culinary Arts or Food Service Management programs. Industry professionals and students will also acquire the mandatory classes required by the American Culinary Federation to begin the certification process.


Courses Credits
CUL 112 Cake Decorating 2
CUL 119 Food Safety and Sanitation 2
CUL 261 Baking 4
CUL 262 Pastry 4


Courses Credits
MGT 148 Culinary Supervisory Develpmnt 3
SCI 141 Nutrition in the Culinary Fld 2