Certificate Program Course List

Electronic Engineering Technology

Instrumentation Certificate

Certificate (S)

If you're interested in a career as a process operator or instrument sales representative, the Instrumentation Certificate is designed to provide you with an introduction to the technical and practical knowledge required in this field. Classroom studies and hands-on experience in this program will prepare you for real-life applications. Taking part in this 15 credit-hour certificate program also offers advancement options if you are already employed in the field; or you could choose to continue your studies to obtain an associate degree, preparing you to be an instrument engineering technician.

A career in this field may lead you to work in the chemical processing, food processing, oil and gas production, energy production industries, or other highly technical fields. You could be involved in the installation, calibration, and maintenance of electronic, digital, and pneumatic equipment, as well as the development of procedures for maintenance and problem solving.


Courses Credits
ELC 101 Intro to Instrumentation 3
ELC 270 Process Instrumentation I 4


Courses Credits
PHY 111 Conceptual Physics 4
PHY 205 General Physics I 4