Certificate Program Course List


Entrepreneurship Certificate

Certificate (O,T,W)

If you have a desire to be your own boss and have your own business, the Entrepreneurship Program is for you! Now you can explore this opportunity and get credit for it by earning an Introduction to Entrepreneurship Certificate.

Starting and operating a business takes a lot of effort and know-how. The Intro to Entrepreneurship Certificate Program offers the foundational basics of taking your passion and turning it into a business. This certificate is designed to augment the degrees earned in other academic and technical programs. Whether you are in health care, automotive, refrigeration-heating-air conditioning, agriculture, or any other career vocation, you can learn the basic skills of how to launch your business. By successfully completing 15 credit hours in five specialized courses in the Entrepreneurship curriculum including topics of legal issues, funding and finance, and business plan development, you can earn an Entrepreneurship Certificate. Courses will include face-to-face and online instruction.

Although this certificate is designed to augment other degrees earned in other academic and technical programs, you may seek this introductory certificate to gain the basics of entrepreneurship without pursuing another degree, in which case some prerequisites may be required.

This certificate will help you take your profession or vocation through the initial steps to turn it into a viable business. As an entrepreneur, you can be self-employed or become a job creator for others!


Courses Credits
ENT 103 Legal Issues for ENT 3
ENT 210 ENT Business Process 3
ENT 285 Business Plan Development 3
ENT 104 Opportunity Analysis 3
MKT 212 Principles of Marketing 3
ENT 240 Funding & Finance for ENT 3
ENT 220 Leadership 3