Certificate Program Course List

Instructional Design and Technology

Instructional Design and Technology Certificate

Certificate (O,T,S,W)

Successfully preparing instructors to be effective users of educational technology is a critical component in helping to solve many of our current educational challenges. The adoption of new and emerging technologies within academia has only continued to grow and offers even more reason to be hopeful. This program prepares instructors to be better able to help their students comprehend difficult-to-understand concepts, engage in active learning, access information and resources, and meet their individual needs. The effective use of technology has proven to enhance learning, as well as improve student engagement and achievement.

The mission of the 15-credit Instructional Design and Technology Certificate program is to prepare educators to design, develop, deliver, and evaluate engaging educational opportunities and experiences to promote student success. The program enables educators to effectively employ emergent technologies in a variety of modes and settings.


Courses Credits
IDT G21 Instructional Design 2
IDT G22 Foundational Technologies 2
IDT G31 Teaching with Technology 2
Select course(s) from:
IDT G07 Modem Classroom Management 2
IDT G12 Tech Enabled Assess Strategies 1
IDT G26 Advanced Classroom Technology 2
IDT G32 Implementing Eff. Learning Com 2
IDT G36 Educational Document Control 1
IDT G39 Virtual Learning Env in Ed 1
IDT G43 Crtve Cmns, Fair Use, & Cpyrt 1
IDT G47 Psych of the Online Learner 2
IDT G58 Fundamentals of Acad Advmnt 2
IDT G59 Instructional Strategies 2
IDT G63 ePortfolio Design 1
IDT G82 e-books and Digital Readers 1
IDT G86 Synchronous Tech in Teaching 1
IDT G88 Leveraging Soc'l Media for Lrn 2
IDT G99 Special Topic in Ed Technology 1