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Certificate Program Course List


Paralegal Certificate

Certificate (O,T)

The Paralegal Certificate is available to students with an underlying associate or bachelor's degree in any discipline who are looking to further their education and gain specialized knowledge in the legal field. The certificate program is designed to prepare graduates to find employment in law firms, federal, state, and local agencies, the court system, banks, and private businesses. Students in the certificate program take a minimum of 24 credits in courses focusing on the structure and organization of the American legal system, basic principles of law and legal research, and various areas of substantive law. In addition, students may have the opportunity to complete an internship to supplement their classroom studies with relevant work experience. Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as provided by law.


SSC100First Year Seminar1


PLG170Intro to the Legal System3
PLG280Legal Research & Writing3
PLG285Law Office Mgmt & Procedures3
PLG290Paralegal Internship4
Select 5 course(s) from:
PLG160Family Law3
PLG172Law of Simple Contracts3
PLG175Estate Admin and Probate3
PLG270Criminal Law/Invest Procedures3
PLG271Real Property Law3
PLG273Civil Procedure3
PLG276Business Entities3