Certificate Program Course List

Specialized Occupations

English as a Second Language Certificate

Certificate (O,T,W)

The Department of Language & Culture offers courses to meet the varied needs of persons for whom English is not a native language. Students can prepare themselves to enter the workforce or pursue a degree.

In beginning, intermediate and advanced level courses, students develop listening/speaking, grammar, reading and writing skills needed for communication in everyday life. A certificate is awarded for program completion.

Students who complete the ESL Certificate Program and wish to pursue a degree take ESL 100, ESL for Degree Programs, which gives them acceptance into open-entry Associate Degree Programs at Delaware Technical Community College and prepares them for studies in any American college or university.


Courses Credits
ESL 022 Beginning ESL Reading/Vocab 4
ESL 024 Beginning Writing 4
ESL 026 Beginning Grammar/Comm 8
ESL 028 Beginning Listenng/Speakng 4
ESL 032 Intermediate Reading 4
ESL 034 Intermediate Writing 4
ESL 036 Intermediate Grammar/Comm 8
ESL 038 Intermediate Listening/Speakng 4
ESL 042 Advanced ESL Reading 4
ESL 044 Advanced ESL Writing 4
ESL 046 Advanced Grammar/Communication 8
ESL 048 Advanced Listening/Speaking 4