Diploma Program Course List

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Studies

Diploma (O,T,W)

The Early Childhood Studies program is an intensive study of the child from birth to eight years. This program prepares the student to work under the supervision of qualified teachers with pre-school children in a day care center, nursery school, or child development center. This program is designed for those currently employed in the child care field or for those considering the Associate Degree Program in Early Childhood Education. Credits earned in this program may be applied toward an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education.


Courses Credits
ENG 101 Crit Thinking & Acad Writing 3
MAT 150 Business Mathematics 3
PSY 125 Child Development 3


Courses Credits
ECE 111 Childhd Nutrition/Safety 3
ECE 120 Comtemp Issues in Erly Childhd 3
ECE 121 Infant & Toddler Methods & Lab 5
ECE 123 Early Childhd Methods I & Lab 5
ECE 125 Early Childhd Methods II & Lab 5
ECE 127 Childhood Classroom Mgt 3


Courses Credits
CIS 107 Intro to Computers/Application 3