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Instructional Technology & CCIT

Delaware Tech recognizes the vital role that technology plays in producing job-ready graduates and is committed to integrating a wide range of emerging technologies into the teaching and learning process.

In many of our classrooms and laboratories, students can expect to find state-of-the art technology that provides hands-on learning experiences that mirror the technology that students will find in the workplace. For example, Delaware Tech’s nursing program uses highly-sophisticated mannequins that simulate the systems of the human body. The College’s energy programs are taught in facilities that contain the latest renewable technologies such as solar and geothermal. And our FAA-certified aviation maintenance program provides students with hands-on experience with modern aircraft technology.

The College has also established the Center for Creative Instruction and Technology (CCIT), committed to discovering new and innovative ways to utilize educational and instructional technologies in order to enhance student learning experiences. CCIT strives to foster collaborative partnerships between instructors and students and works to keep abreast of national trends, as well as best-practices utilized by other institutions. Through research, CCIT works to implement new teaching methods, curricula, and technologies aimed at improving student retention and learning.

The CCIT Team seeks to enhance teaching and learning at Delaware Tech through the promotion of a systematic approach to the design, development, and implementation of technology solutions in the learning environment. Activities include offering training, courses, and workshops on pedagogical design and technology integration, forming and leading special teams to explore and gauge interest in emerging technologies, and forming partnerships with academic units to incorporate instructional design principles into their curriculum.

The mission of the Center for Creative Instruction and Technology at Delaware Technical Community College is to assist and inspire educational creativity and excellence. The CCIT staff pledges to enable, educate, and support our academic partners as they combine their subject matter expertise with our understanding of instructional design and state of the art educational technology applications.

If you have any questions about CCIT, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Richard Kralevich at