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Learning Communities

A learning community is a combination of courses linked together around a common topic or theme with assignments that cut across courses. A learning community is one educational model that serves to enhance teaching and learning.  Instructors and counselors work together to design new ways to teach students in learning communities with ongoing collaboration and cross-instruction throughout the semester. This faculty “team” approach complements the educational experience in a way that connects learning across subjects.

Why does Delaware Technical Community College offer learning communities?
Studies across the nation have shown learning communities improve learning and student success. While that’s reason enough, students also say they get to know their classmates and instructors better, and they enjoy the classes more than “stand alone” courses. Research indicates students persist in college if the learning experience is meaningful, deeply engaging and relevant to their lives. By offering learning communities, Delaware Tech is demonstrating its commitment to creating a culture of student success.

You can:

  • Make good friends
  • Jump right into campus life
  • Build supportive relationships with your peers and instructors
  • Learn more, and have fun doing it
  • Get better grades
  • Fulfill your degree requirements

By registering for a Delaware Tech Learning Community!

Examples of Learning Communities

Reading the Write Way: A Formula for Success

  • Courses: MAT012, ENG051, RDG051, SSC100
    Description: This thirteen-credit learning community is designed for students entering the pretech level in reading (RDG051), writing (ENG051) and math (MAT012).  This dynamic and exciting learning environment is designed to assist first time students with navigating college and planning for academic success (SSC100) through an integrated writing, reading, and math curriculum.
    Location offered:  Dover Campus

The Bookworm and the Brain

  • Courses: RDG120, PSY121, SSC100
    Description: This seven-credit learning community is for students who must take Critical Reading and Thinking (RDG120) and General Psychology (PSY121). By enrolling in these courses together, students learn to critically read and think about psychology-based technical, non-technical, and fictional texts and develop an understanding of the principles of psychology. Readings include psychology-based articles, short stories, poetry, dramas, films, essays, and a novel. A First Year Seminar class (SSC100) is approached from a psychological and critical reading/thinking perspective to help students handle the multiple pressures of being in college.
    Location offered:  Stanton/Wilmington Campus

A Calculated Experiment

  • Courses: CHM110, MAT153, SSS102
    Description: This nine-credit learning community, designed for allied health students, helps students discover the link between math (MAT153) and chemistry (CHM110) that can pave the way for academic and career success. Students integrate applied mathematics to chemistry topics such as the gas laws, pH, and growth and decay. The Personal & Career Development (SSS102) course provides the opportunity to understand and address career planning in a variety of health professions. Students who formed a cohort in A Pre-Calculated Experience may continue in this next level learning community.
    Location offered:  Wilmington Campus

Students on a Dogfish Head Brewery TourStudents on a Dogfish Head Brewery TourBrewing Up a Business Career

  • Courses:  BUS101, RDG051, SSS102
    Description: This eight-credit learning community is designed for business students who need Introduction to Business and Pre-Tech Reading. A focal point is local entrepreneur Sam Calagione, host of Brew Masters on the Discovery Channel. Students read Sam’s book, Brewing Up a Business, discuss the company, and tour Dogfish Head Brewery. Students focus on personal and career goals while engaging in a variety of activities relevant to business. Assignments and lessons in mastering business terminology, researching the business field, developing a career plan, and completing a stock market project is shared among the three courses.   
    Location offered:  Georgetown Campus

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Campus-Specific Learning Communities Information

Bonnie Ceban
Learning Communities Coordinator
(302) 857-1233


Gail Charrier
Learning Communities Coordinator
(302) 259-6516


Mary Grajales
Learning Communities Coordinator
(302) 453-3728


Liz Kelleher
Learning Communities Coordinator
(302) 571-5388