English as a Second Language Certificate

English as a Second LanguageEnglish as a Second Language

Certificate Program

If English is your second language or you have a need or desire to improve your skills in this area, the Delaware Tech English as a Second Language (ESL) Certificate Program will help you reach your goal. Incoming students are given individual attention as they go through the admissions and placement process. They begin coursework at one of three levels: beginning, intermediate, or advanced. Classes at all three levels include reading, writing, grammar/communication, and listening/speaking. While the first two levels of the program focus mainly on the skills needed for everyday communication, advanced level courses also begin building a foundation for future course work at a college level.

You will engage in intensive English language learning. You will be guided by qualified instructors and will interact with a diverse student population. Students receive whole group instruction and also work in small groups and pairs. There are also opportunities to interact individually on computers and use video, audio, or software to make language come alive.

Students have a program advisor who helps them in planning their studies. Through advisement, students can better define and move in the right direction to attain their academic and career goals.

Academic Program - If you are interested in pursuing a college degree, study beyond the certificate level is required. Students take prerequisite EAP (English for Academic Purposes) courses in reading, listening, writing, and research before beginning an associate degree program.

This program is offered at the Dover, Georgetown, and Wilmington campuses.

What You Can Do

In this program, you will develop language skills for future college study as well as for everyday communication in your second language. The beginning and intermediate levels are more general in nature and include communication in everyday situations in the community and at work. The third level is more focused on academic skills, but is also beneficial to students interested in learning how to express themselves in complex situations.

What You Will Learn

Program Graduate Competencies

The Program Graduate Competencies listed below identify the major learning goals related to your specific program of study and identify the knowledge and skills you will have when you graduate to be successful in your chosen field.

  1. Speak English with sufficient proficiency to obtain, exchange, and present information, ideas, and opinions for personal, academic and general work-related purposes.
  2. Apply English listening comprehension skills of formal and informal spoken English in social, academic and workplace settings.
  3. Compose effective paragraphs and/or short essays incorporating the conventions of English grammar, mechanics, and usage.
  4. Use English reading comprehension skills with sufficient proficiency to obtain general information and specific details from a variety of general interest readings and limited academic texts.

Campus-Specific English as a Second Language Certificate Information

Lisa Ruschman
Instructional Coordinator
(302) 857-1248


Cindy Mitchell
Department Chair
(302) 259-6590

This program is offered at the Dover, Georgetown, and Wilmington campuses.

Robert Freeman
Department Chair
(302) 571-5318