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Machinist Training Level 2 Certificate

Certificate Program

Machinist and skilled manufacturing professionals are in demand.  The level II certificate will give you the hands-on skills that companies are looking for.  You will learn through classroom and practical instruction in a modern machine shop facility.  You will become proficient in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, modern manufacturing techniques, numerical control machining, computer applications, and advanced manufacturing techniques.  In addition, you will learn the finer points of manufacturing and machining.

Upon completion of this certificate program, you will be an accomplished and knowledgeable machinist prepared with the job skills you need for a rewarding position in a manufacturing environment.  This certificate can be earned by successfully completing courses through full- or part-time study, in the day or the evening.

This program is offered at the Stanton Campus.

What You Can Do

In this program, you will gain the knowledge and skills to prepare you for positions such as:

  • Machinist
  • N/C Operator
  • N/C Programmer
  • Tool and Die Maker
  • Tool Designer
  • Production Planner/Scheduler
  • Production Engineer
  • Manufacturing Technician
What You Will Learn

Program Graduate Competencies

The Program Graduate Competencies listed below identify the major learning goals related to your specific program of study and identify the knowledge and skills you will have when you graduate to be successful in your chosen field.

  1. Use effective problem-solving skills and make appropriate decisions relative to the machinist profession.
  2. Explain geometric dimensioning and tolerancing on engineering drawings.
  3. Demonstrate advanced machining skills, advanced welding and create machine control data using CAM software for computer numerical control applications.
  4. Select appropriate materials for basic mechanical applications.
  5. Exhibit professional traits, including the ability to work with minimal supervision, willingness to learn new skills, and contributing to team project efforts.