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Significant changes to the structure of English and Reading courses will be implemented in Fall 2014. These changes have the potential to impact student progress towards graduation. All students are advised to speak with a program advisor or academic counselor prior to registering for English courses.

Follow These Easy Steps to Register Online:

  1. Login to your MyDTCC "Self-Service Banner" account using your ID and password
  2. Choose "Select Term" and click on the term you wish to register for from the drop down list
  3. Click "Add/Drop Classes"

    From this point on you can register for classes in two different ways:

    3a. If you know the Course Reference Number (CRN):
    Note: the Course Reference Number (CRN) is the five-digit course number which is found with the title of the course. Be sure to select the correct campus; the first digit of the three digit course section number indicates the campus. Stanton-5; Wilmington-4; Owens-2; Terry-6.

    • Enter CRN's of courses for which you are registering
    • Click the 'Submit Changes' box at the bottom of the page
    • Read instructions at the top of the page and scroll down to check for registration errors
    • Review your Current Schedule


      3b. If you don't know the Course Reference number (CRN)

    • Select "Class Search"
    • Read instructions at top of page and select all relevant information (Subject, Campus, Session, Start-times, etc.)
    • Click "Class Search"
    • A list of classes will appear that meet your search criteria. Select course(s) for which you wish to register by clicking in the box in the far left column.
    • Click the 'register' box at the bottom of the page
    • Begin again to register for another class
  4. When you have finished registering "Return to Menu" (link is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen)
  5. Select "Registration Fee Assessment" for payment due.