to Business Management

An opportunity to gain an associate degree from Delaware Tech and a bachelor's degree from Wilmington University.


Delaware Tech has established agreements with four-year colleges and universities that connect Delaware Tech associate degree programs with bachelor's degree programs to create smooth transfer opportunities for you. These Connected Degree programs enable you to complete your associate degree and then transfer to a four-year degree program as a junior.


Delaware Tech's associate degree program in Accounting prepares graduates to use strong accounting skills along with communication, computation and interpersonal skills on the job every day. A degree from this program, which has earned national accreditation from the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), sends a clear signal to potential employers that you have completed a high quality business program that meets rigorous educational requirements established by the ACBSP. Your degree will open the door to many different career paths in accounting. Graduates are employed as general staff accountants for business and industry, and frequently enter the areas of auditing, tax accounting and cost accounting.

Wilmington University's Bachelor of Science degree program in Business Management provides courses and business-related in-class experiences for students who intend to pursue careers in business management or apply to graduate school. Course offerings emphasize rigorous analysis of the concepts and principles that are basic to an understanding of the management field. Course work relates theories and ideas to the operating practices and policies of business organizations. These courses provide a unique opportunity for students to explore the workings of management. As supplemental activities to the traditional classroom format, "hands on" classroom experiences provide an awareness of what really happens in the business world.


By completing your associate degree at Delaware Tech, you'll receive excellent instruction in small classes at a campus close to home. Delaware Tech's affordable tuition can reduce the overall cost of your college education, making the completion of your bachelor's degree more manageable.


Refer to the Connected Degree curriculum (on the reverse side of this page) for the sequence of courses needed to complete this program. Call Delaware Tech and let us help you follow the path to your bachelor's degree.


Suggested Course Sequence



Business Management


Semester 1 (Fall) CR
ACC 101 Accounting I 4
BUS 101 Introduction to Business 3
CIS 107 Intro to Computers/Application 3
ENG 101 Critical Thinking & Academic Writing 3
MAT 140 Essentials of College Algebra or 4
MAT 153 College Math and Statistics 4
Semester 2 (Spring)
ACC 112 Accounting II 4
CIS 112 Spreadsheet/Graphics Proc or 3
OAT 152 Excel Level I 3
ECO 111 Macroeconomics 3
ENG 102 Composition and Research 3
MAT 255 Business Statistics I 3
Semester 3 (Fall)
ACC 211 Tax Accounting I 3
ACC 231 Intermediate Accounting I 3
ECO 122 Microeconomics 3
MGT 212 Principles of Management 3
MKT 212 Principles of Marketing 3
Semester 4 (Spring)
ACC 232 Intermediate Accounting II 3
ACC 221 Cost Accounting I 3
BUS 203 Business Law 3
FIN 221 Money and Banking or 3
MIS 220 Management Information Systems*** 3
ACC 162 Computerized Accounting or 3
BUS 275 Portfolio/Experiential Learning 3
Semester 5 (Fall) CR
BBM 301 Organizational Behavior* 3
BBM 320 Business Communications 3
CTA 226 Integrating Excel into Bus. Prob. 3
FIN 305 Financial Management 3
BBM 351 Small Business Management 3
Semester 6 (Spring)
BBM 315 Supervisory Management* 3
BBM XXX Business Elective (300/400 Level)** 3
HRM 311 Human Resource Management 3
FIN 306 Corporate Finance 3
BLA 303 Legal & Ethical Environment of Business 3
Semester 7 (Fall)
BBM XXX Business Elective (300/400 Level)** 3
HRM 310 Organizational Development 3
MIS 320 Management Information Systems*** or 3
BBM XXX Business Elective (300/400 Level)** 3
BBM 460 Topics in Business Management or 3
BBM XXX Business Elective (300/400 Level)** 3
BBM 412 Project Management 3
Semester 8 (Spring)
BBM 370 Global Business Management 3
BBM 411 Operations & Systems Management 3
BBM XXX Business Elective (300/400 Level)** 3
BBM 402 Strategic Management 3
*Students can take the course or Co-Op option
**Select electives with WU advisor approval.
*** If MIS 220 is taken at Delaware Tech, then MIS 320 is not needed at Wilmington University. Instead, choose a Business Elective (300/400 Level).
WU requires only 45 credits for graduation. Students may take electives at DTCC.

*Students can take the course or Co-Op option
**Select electives with WU advisor approval.
*** If MIS 220 is taken at Delaware Tech, then MIS 320 is not needed at Wilmington University. Instead, choose a Business Elective (300/400 Level).

Students must complete a minimum of 120 credits for the bachelor's degree in Business Management.
Course offerings may vary by semester. See your advisor.
For more information contact:
Delaware Tech
Dover, Delaware: (302) 857-1772
Georgetown, Delaware: (302) 259-6665
Wilmington, Delaware: (302) 573-5428
Wilmington University
Dover, Delaware: (302) 734-2594
Georgetown, Delaware: (302) 856-5780
New Castle, Delaware: (877) 967-5464
This articulation agreement is subject to change based on Delaware Tech and senior institution curriculum changes. 06/2015