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Computer Information Systems: Microcomputers And Networking Option

to Information Systems Management

An opportunity to gain an associate degree from Delaware Tech and a bachelor's degree from Wilmington University.


Delaware Tech has established agreements with four-year colleges and universities that connect Delaware Tech associate degree programs with bachelor's degree programs to create smooth transfer opportunities for you. These Connected Degree programs enable you to complete your associate degree and then transfer to a four-year degree program as a junior.


Delaware Tech's associate degree program in Computer Information Systems: Microcomputers and Networking Option prepares students for careers in applied programming and other computer-related fields such as web development, internet programming, network security, and computer forensics. Graduates gain experience with a wide range of hardware and software found in businesses, including microcomputer networks. They are also prepared to continue their education toward a bachelor's degree.

Wilmington University's bachelor's degree program in Information Systems Management (ISM) provides a solid knowledge foundation and a related and meaningful set of experiences to prepare professionals to become Information Technology leaders. Students who successfully complete the ISM program will possess a working command of current business processes and will understand the concepts of business intelligence, data warehousing and information technology applications and practices that can be applied in business, educational, and governmental organizations regardless of size.


By completing your associate degree at Delaware Tech, you'll receive excellent instruction in small classes at a campus close to home. Delaware Tech's affordable tuition can reduce the overall cost of your college education, making the completion of your bachelor's degree more manageable.


Refer to the Connected Degree curriculum (on the reverse side of this page) for the sequence of courses needed to complete this program. Call Delaware Tech and let us help you follow the path to your bachelor's degree.


Suggested Course Sequence

Computer Information Systems: Microcomputers And Networking Option


Information Systems Management


First Semester (Fall) CR
ACC 100 Introduction to Accounting or 3
ACC 101 Accounting I 4
ECO 111 Macroeconomics 3
ENG 121 Composition 3
CIS 120 Intro to Programming 4
XXX XXX Campus Program Course** or 3
XXX XXX Campus Program Course 4
  16 / 18
Second Semester (Spring)
ENG 122 Technical Writing-Comm 3
CIS 112 Spreadsheet/Graphics Proc 3
MAT 153 College Math and Statistics 4
CIS 195 Network Administration 4
Third Semester (Fall)
CIS 201 Microdatabase Programming 4
XXX XXX Social Science Elective (See advisor.) 3
XXX XXX Campus Program Courses** 12
Fourth Semester (Spring)
CIS 240 Systems Analysis & Design 4
XXX XXX Campus Program Courses** 14
**Campus Program Courses - See Advisor
ELC 132 Microcomputer Service & Repair 4
CIS 207 Visual Programming 4
CIS 212 Internetworking & Support(MS) 4
CIS 107 Intro to Computers/Application 3
CIS 125 Window Based Operating Systems 4
CIS 160 Internet/Web Construction 3
CIS 192 Network Tech & Admin(MS) 4
CIS 194 Networking Technologies 3
CIS 197 Network Adv Admin (MS) 4
CIS 201 Microdatabase Programming 4
CIS 205 Intro Object Orient Programmng 4
Fifth Semester (Fall) CR
MAT 308 Inferential Statistics 3
BBM 301 Organizational Behavior 3
XXX XXX Business Electives+ or 6
XXX XXX Business Electives+ 8
  12 / 14
Sixth Semester (Spring)
BBM 320 Business Communications 3
ISM 300 Business Process Management 3
ISM 330 Business Intelligence 3
ISM 350 Information Policy and Strategy 3
Seventh Semester (Summer)
BBM 350 Intro to E-Commerce 3
BMK 305 Marketing 3
MIS 320 Management Information Systems 3
Eighth Semester (Fall)
FIN 300 Applied Concepts in Accounting and Finance 3
PHI 314 Ethics for Computer Professionals 3
ISM 410 Physical Design and Implementation with DBMS 3
Ninth Semester (Spring)
ISM 420 Data Modeling and Warehousing 3
ISM 450 Project Management and Practice 3
ISM 455 Strategic Application of Information Tech. 3
**DTCC students should check with their advisor for the correct sequence of courses at their campus. Credits from the Campus Program Courses must be completed based upon campus requirements related to industry. Choose 14 credits. +Choose two from LES 330, LES 331, or any BAC, BBM, BLA, BMK, ECO, FIN or HRM. Students must meet prerequisites or obtain program chair's approval.
The Bachelor of Science program in Information Systems Management requires a minimum of 120 credits.
Course sequencing may vary by semester. See your advisor.
RDG 120, Critical Reading and Thinking, is a required DTCC course unless the student is exempt.
For more information contact:
Delaware Tech
Dover, Delaware (302) 857-1836
Georgetown, Delaware: (302) 259-6490
Wilmington University
Dover, Delaware: (302) 734-2594
Georgetown, Delaware: (302) 856-5780
New Castle, Delaware: (877) 967-5464
This articulation agreement is subject to change based on Delaware Tech and senior institution curriculum changes. 01/2012