Early Care and Education (Birth to Second Grade)

to Early Childhood Education

An opportunity to gain an associate degree from Delaware Tech and a bachelor's degree from the University of Delaware.


Delaware Tech has established agreements with four-year colleges and universities that connect Delaware Tech associate degree programs with bachelor's degree programs to create smooth transfer opportunities for you. These Connected Degree programs enable you to complete your associate degree and then transfer to a four-year degree program as a junior.


Delaware Tech's Early Care and Education Birth to Second Grade degree program will prepare graduates to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a bachelor's degree and become certified to teach in grades Kindergarten to Second. Students learn how to implement developmentally appropriate practices based on state standards and participate in practicum activities in public and private school systems. Students gain hands-on experience at the Delaware Tech Child Development Center. They develop lesson plans that are sensitive to diversity and establish and maintain safe environments and programs for early childhood children. This program is approved and accredited by the Delaware Department of Education.

The University of Delaware's Bachelor of Science degree program in Early Childhood Education is designed for students who plan on teaching children in a variety of educational settings, including public and private schools, preschools, early care and education centers and home-based programs. The Early Childhood Education major prepares undergraduate students to educate young children in inclusive settings and to support their families. Students who graduate from this approved blended early childhood program meet the requirements of the State of Delaware to be certified birth through second grade in both early childhood education and early childhood special education. The program emphasizes developmentally appropriate, family-centered practices to meet the needs of all children, including those with disabilities.


By completing your associate degree at Delaware Tech, you'll receive excellent instruction in small classes at a campus close to home. Delaware Tech's affordable tuition can reduce the overall cost of your college education, making the completion of your bachelor's degree more manageable.


Refer to the Connected Degree curriculum (on the reverse side of this page) for the sequence of courses needed to complete this program. Call Delaware Tech and let us help you follow the path to your bachelor's degree.


Suggested Course Sequence

Early Care and Education (Birth to Second Grade)


Early Childhood Education


Semester 1 (Fall) CR
ECE 111 Childhood Nutrition and Safety 3
ECE 120 Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Required Observation: 10 hrs. 3
ECE 121 Infant & Toddler Methods & Lab Required Lab: 64 hrs. 5
ENG 101 Critical Thinking and Academic Writing 3
PSY 125 Child Development 3
Semester 2 (Spring)
CIS 107 Intro to Computers/Applications 3
ECE 123 Early Childhood Methods I & Lab Required Lab: 64 hrs. 5
ECE 127 Childhood Classroom Mgmt. Required Observation: 10 hrs. 3
ENG 101 Critical Thinking and Academic Writing 3
MAT 201 Math for Teachers I 4
Semester 3 (Summer)
HIS 111 American History: Pre-Civil War 3
PSY 121 General Psychology 3
Semester 4 (Fall)
ECE 125 Early Childhood Methods II & Lab Required Lab: 64 hrs. 5
ECE 233 Exceptional Child Required Observation: 10 hrs. 3
EDC 120 Foundations of Literacy Required Observation: 10 hrs. 3
ECE 226 Assessment of Young Children Required Observation: 10 hrs. 3
MAT 202 Math for Teachers II 4
Semester 5 (Spring)
BIO 150 Biology I or 4
BIO 140 General Biology 4
EDC 220 Parent/Family/School Interaction Required Observation: 5 hrs. 3
EDC 230 Childrens Literature Required Observation: 10 hrs. 3
MAT 203 Math for Teachers III 4
Semester 6 (Fall) CR
HDFS 220 Child Development I: Prenatal to Age 3 3
HDFS 202 Diversity and Families 3
HDFS 406 Supporting Literacy in Early Childhood Education 3
HDFS 412 ECE Math Curriculum and Assessment 3
HDFS 432 Field Experience: Preschool - K 2
HDFS 435 Programs for Children with Exceptionalities 3
Semester 7 (Spring)
HDFS 470 Families and Children at Risk 3
HDFS 413 ECE Science Curriculum and Assessment 3
HDFS 433 Field Experience: K to Grade 2 1
HDFS 201 Life Span Development 3
BISC 105 Human Heredity and Development 3
XXXX XXX Creative Arts and Humanities 3
Semester 8 (Fall)
HDFS 424 Professional Development Seminar 1 3
HDFS 441 Advanced Inclusive Curriculum 1 3
EDUC 400 Student Teaching 1 6
Summer/Winter Sessions
XXXX XXX History and Cultural Change 3
Semester 9 (Spring)
HDFS 425 Professional Development Seminar 2 3
HDFS 442 Advanced Inclusive Curriculum 2 3
EDUC 400 Student Teaching 2 6
The Bachelor of Science program in Early Childhood Education requires a minimum of 120 credits.
Course sequencing may vary by semester. See your advisor.
For more information contact:
Delaware Tech
Dover, Delaware: (302) 857-1743
Georgetown, Delaware: (302) 259-6570
Wilmington, Delaware: (302) 573-5446
University of Delaware
Department of Human Development and Family Studies:
hdfs-advise@udel.edu; (302) 831-6500
This articulation agreement is subject to change based on Delaware Tech and senior institution curriculum changes. 06/2015