Renewable Energy Solar

to Organizational Management

An opportunity to gain an associate degree from Delaware Tech and a bachelor's degree from Wilmington University.


Delaware Tech has established agreements with four-year colleges and universities that connect Delaware Tech associate degree programs with bachelor's degree programs to create smooth transfer opportunities for you. These Connected Degree programs enable you to complete your associate degree and then transfer to a four-year degree program as a junior.


Students in Delaware Tech's Renewable Energy Solar program provides students with energy analysis skills to improve energy efficiency and application of renewable energy solar systems. Students will learn solar photovoltaic installation and design and solar thermal applications along with the ability to evaluate and recommend energy solutions with greater efficiency and lower environmental impact with the added benefit of energy cost savings. Program graduates are prepared to work as technicians in the renewable energy industry. Additionally, graduates will be prepared to take the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners(NABCEP)Photovoltaic Entry Level Program Exam, and with proper additional field experience, will be qualified to seek the NABCEP Photovoltaic(PV) Technical Sales Certification, PV Installer Certification, or Solar Thermal Certification.

Wilmington University's Bachelor of Science degree program in Organizational Management (BSOM) is a unique degree completion program designed to meet the educational needs of working adults with some college credits from accredited institutions or from work or military experience. The program is conducted in a condensed time frame with an instructional schedule tailored to accommodate busy lifestyles. The program will help students develop the relevant skills needed to manage organizations in today's job market. Students will develop strong communication and leadership skills and develop an ethical approach to business and life.


By completing your associate degree at Delaware Tech, you'll receive excellent instruction in small classes at a campus close to home. Delaware Tech's affordable tuition can reduce the overall cost of your college education, making the completion of your bachelor's degree more manageable


Refer to the Connected Degree curriculum (on the reverse side of this page) for the sequence of courses needed to complete this program. Call Delaware Tech and let us help you follow the path to your bachelor's degree.


Suggested Course Sequence

Renewable Energy Solar


Organizational Management


Semester 1 CR
NRG 101 Intro to Energy Management 2
NRG 103 Sustainability 2
OAT 152 Excel Level I 3
MAT 140 Essentials of College Algebra 4
PHY 111 Conceptual Physics 4
ENG 121 Composition 3
Semester 2
AET 111 Construction Blueprint Readings or 4
AET 123 Drafting/Design 4
NRG 154 Alternative Energy Technologies 2
NRG 111 Residential/Light Commercial Energy Analysis 2
ACR 121 HVAC Energy Systems 3
NRG 124 Energy Efficient Methods 2
NRG 131 Lighting Fundamentals 2
PSY 121 General Psychology 3
Semester 3
ELC 141 Electrical Concepts I 3
NRG 110 Construction Standards 2
NRG 200 Solar Energy Systems 2
NRG 201 Photovoltaic Systems I 4
NRG 241 Energy Investment Analysis 2
PSY 100 Human Relations or 3
COM 111 Human Communications 3
Semester 4
ENG 122 Technical Writing/Communication 3
ELC 241 Electrical Concepts II 3
NRG 202 Photovoltaic Systems II 3
NRG 203 Concepts of Solar Thermal Design 3
NRG 204 Cooperative Education: Renewable Energy Solar 5
NRG 207 NABCEP Solar Entry Level Prep 1
Semester 5 CR
BAC 101 Accounting I 3
ECO 101 Economics I 3
BBM 201 Principles of Management 3
MAT 102 College Math II 3
BFM 300 Fundamentals of Finance for Managers 3
Semester 6
BAC 102 Accounting II 3
MAT 301 Principles of Statistics I or 3
MAT 308 Inferential Statistics 3
FIN 305 Financial Management 3
BBM 320 Business Communication 3
HRM 310 Organizational Development 3
Semester 7
FIN 306 Corporate Finance 3
HRM 311 Human Resource Management 3
BLA 303 Legal and Ethical Environment 3
BMK 305 Marketing 3
MIS 320 Management Information Systems 3
Semester 8
BBM 370 Global Business 3
BBM 411 Operations Management 3
BBM 412 Project Management 3
BBM 407 Organizational Project 3
BBM 400 Current Topics in Business Leadership 3
The Bachelor of Science program in Organizational Management requires a minimum of 120 credits.
Course offerings by semester may vary. See your advisor.
RDG 120, Critical Reading and Thinking, is a required DTCC course unless the student is exempt.
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Wilmington University
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This articulation agreement is subject to change based on Delaware Tech and senior institution curriculum changes. 06/2012