Book Vouchers

Book Vouchers give Delaware Tech students the opportunity to use some of their financial aid in advance of the first disbursement to purchase books at one of the College’s bookstores. A Book Voucher is not a grant and is not in addition to your financial aid award package. To be eligible, you’ll need to have a complete financial aid file, have received a financial aid award letter, and have a pending credit balance on your bill with the College. Here are some things to remember:


No additional paper work is needed to use a Book Voucher. Your name will be forwarded to your campus bookstore if you are eligible. It is important that you bring picture identification and your schedule bill to the bookstore when you purchase your books. If your book voucher is not available at the Bookstore, you must visit your campus Financial Aid Office.


There are no cash refunds on books returned to the bookstore that were purchased with a Book Voucher.


You do not need to spend all of your Book Voucher. You may receive the remaining balance of the Book Voucher after financial aid is applied to your bill.


If you drop a class or fully withdrawal from Delaware Tech and used the Book Voucher, you may be responsible to pay back all or a portion of the Book Voucher. Contact your campus Financial Aid Office for further questions.