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Academic Challenge

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The Academic Challenge Program was established in 1987 as a college-school partnership between the nine Sussex County School Districts and the Georgetown Campus of Delaware Tech. The program is open to qualified students in eighth grade, and the five-year program offers them the standard high school curriculum in mathematics and English at an accelerated pace allowing for college course work during the junior and senior years of high school.  All college courses are taught at the Georgetown Campus through Delaware Tech and the University of Delaware.  It is possible to earn 12 college credits in English and 15 college credits in mathematics.


The Academic Challenge Program is suitable for students who are

  • High ability
  • Motivated
  • Able to benefit from accelerated instruction

Students who are completing their third marking period in the 7th grade are evaluated for

  • aptitude
  • achievement student performance assessment in the specific subject area
  • overall student performance assessment
  • SAT results
  • Program availability in the school district

Speak to your middle school guidance counselor for further information regarding the selection process.

Students must enter the program in the eighth grade. Only those students who transfer into the county at a later point may enter the program after the eighth grade.

Students may enroll in both English and math or choose just one subject area. They may not add an area after beginning the program.

See the Student Handbook for more information.

Academic Challenge Program Committee Members