Tech Prep Delaware

Tech Prep Delaware

LogoTech Prep Delaware (TPDE) is an educational agency designed to help high school students gain academic knowledge and technical skills that will lead to college credit.

Delaware Technical Community College partners with Tech Prep Delaware to give students the opportunity to take courses in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade that will provide for advanced standing in selected associate degree programs if they enroll at the College and meet College prerequisites. Tech Prep Delaware programs are available at all Delaware public high schools. Interested students should talk to their guidance counselor or career and technical education teacher to see which career pathway courses qualify and connect to an advanced degree at the College.

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The following 24 courses at Delaware Tech are connected with Tech Prep.
Please note that those with an asterisk can be applied to more than one pathway.

Subject Course No. Title
ACC 100 Introduction to Accounting
ACR 101 HVAC Electricity
ACR  120 Employee Development Seminar
AUT 114 Intro to Automotive Technology
AUT 118 Auto Steering & Suspen/Align
AUT 119 Automotive Brake Systems
BUS 101 * Introduction to Business
CEN 100 * Intro-Computer & Elec Eng Tech
CEN 150 *** Computer Assembly/Maint
CHM 150 Chemical Principles I
CHM 151 Chemical Principles II
CIS 146 Computer Networking I
CIS 196 Computer Networking II
COM 110 * Intro To Video Production
CRJ  101 Intro to Criminal Justice
CUL 119 *** Sanitation
CUL 121 Food Prep I
ECE 111 * Childhood Nutrition and Safety
ECE 120 **** Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood
EDD 141 * Engr Drafting & Design I
EDD 171 * Intro to CAD Using AutoCad
ELC 110 Technical Computer Application
ELC 124 DC & AC Circuit Analysis
VSC 281 * Project Elective

*** Additional requirements
CEN 150: Successfully pass CNAP courses with a B or better and present a portfolio
CUL 119: Successfully pass the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation ServSafe Exam with a 75% or better
ECE 120: Successfully complete Secondary levels I, II, and III, and Early Childhood Professional