Dental Staff

Meet the Staff
Managing your dental health

Shameka Russell
DHC Manager
Supervises Daily Operations of the Clinic

Vivian Rizzo
DHC Director
Oversees General Operations of the Clinic



Stephanie D'Ambrosio
Dental Services Coordinator

Kevin Martin
Patient Information Specialist
Dental Assistant

Wanda McGriff
Patient Information Specialist

Shanay Cassidy
Dental Assistant

Elizabeth Massanett
Dental Assistant



Licensed Dentists



Dr. Beatriz Garces

Dr. Vicki Schauber

Dr. Gregg Fink

Dr. Trevor Scheff

Dr. Sohaib Usmani

Dr. Saquib Usmani

Dr. Moon Cha

 Dr. Allison Schiff

 Dr. Darla Brice