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Photo of young boyAnyone is eligible to have their teeth cleaned and all new patients must be seen by a Delaware Tech Dental Hygiene student for their initial visit. Once services by the dental hygiene student are completed then financially eligible patients may be appointed a dentist. If a patient is not eligible for dental treatment, they will be referred to a private dentist.

Patients must meet financial requirements prior to any dental services being rendered for a reduced fee. Patients who consider themselves eligible must provide documentation of household income and complete a Patient Application to Financial Assistance Program form prior to the first appointment.

All lab costs incurred are the responsibility of the patient at 50% of the fee listed on the schedule of fees. Lab fees must be paid in advance of treatment.

Any questions regarding fees for Dental Services should be directed to the Dental Health Center Manager.

Schedule of Services Fees  
 Procedure  Fee
 Initial Oral Examination   40.00
 Emergency Examination  50.00
 Full Mouth X-rays   80.00
 Bitewing x-rays - 2 films   20.00
 Bitewing x-rays - 4 films  40.00
 Extraoral Panorex x-ray  80.00
 Adult dental cleaning - includes bitewings and fluoride  50.00
 Extensive Adult dental cleaning - includes bitewings and fluoride   70.00
 Child dental cleaning (under age 14) - includes bitewings and fluoride  40.00
 Sealants - per tooth 20.00 
 Custom Athletic Mouthguard  10.00
 Custom Bleaching Trays (trays only)   20.00
 Bleaching Material  100.00
 Amalgam Restorations (silver fillings) - priced per surface   80.00 - 110.00
 Resin Restorations (tooth colored fillings) - priced per surface  110.00 - 220.00
 Extraction - per tooth (price may vary)   80.00
 Complete Upper or Lower Denture  1,000.00
 Partial Upper or Lower Denture  700.00

 Refer to Program Eligibility for information on financial assistance

Emergency Services  

Emergency visits are offered strictly on an appointment only basis.
These appointments are limited. You must have an appointment to receive treatment.
Walk-ins are not accepted. We have set fees for our emergency appointments.
These fees must be paid in full and in cash at the time of the appointment.





Important Payment Information

  • Payments are due at the time of service.
  • All charges for prosthetics must be paid for in full prior to delivery of final product.
  • Fees indicated will be itemized per service to determine total cost to patient prior to procedures being started.
  • The Dental Health Center does not accept consignment for dental insurance. Patients with third party payment plans must pay the Dental Health Center in advance of the Center completing the paperwork for the insurance company.
  • Insurance payments will be paid directly to patients.