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Delaware Tech Reset!

Delaware Tech Reset

It’s time to reset, Delaware Tech. From managing online classes, making your own routines and schedules, to staying connected with classmates, it’s also important to take time for yourself. We hope you find these resources helpful when you need a minute (or five).

Coloring Pages

Sharpen your pencils or break out the markers! Take a few minutes to print out and color these stress-free coloring pages.

Delaware Tech pride coloring page pdf link.
Delaware Tech basketball coloring page link.
Delaware Tech lacrosse coloring page link.
Delaware Tech volleyball coloring page link.
Delaware Tech criminal justice coloring page link.
Delaware Tech culinary coloring page link.
Delaware Tech dental hygiene coloring page link.
Delaware Tech early childhood coloring page link.
Delaware Tech visual communications coloring page link.
Delaware Tech graduates coloring page link.

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Share your #DTCCpride with these fun social media graphics, perfect for any platform. Download and post our Instagram Story templates to share with classmates and friends. Don’t forget to tag Delaware Tech in your posts!

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Book Club Recommendations

We would love to hear from YOU! What do you recommend reading? Send the title of your favorite book, poem, play, or short story to Write a sentence or two about WHY you love it. If you want, include a photo of yourself reading it in your favorite at-home location!

Vivian Beitman

The Rose Tattoo by Tennessee Williams

Recommended by Vivian Beitman (Stanton English Department):

This play is vintage Williams-- filled with drama and deception! Sprinkled liberally with Italian phrases, the dialogue will make you feel like you are in a different time and place.

Bill Christopher

The Stand by Stephen King

Recommended by Bill Christopher (Stanton English Department):

This novel by Stephen King was originally published in 1978, and it was revised and republished in 1990 (dubbed The Complete Uncut Edition). It is part theology, part science, part philosophy, part fantasy, and part horror. Easily my favorite of King’s oeuvre, I have read this particular version probably 6 times since the early 1990s

Ray Sikes

Signals: New and Selected Stories by Tim Gautreaux

Recommended by Ray Sikes (Stanton English Department):

Signals: New and Selected Stories by Tim Gautreaux is the best reading I have done in quite a while. My wife discovered this book, and we both have enjoyed these stories mostly about working class people making their way through good times and bad in the Louisiana backcountry. Not only does the man create some unique plotlines, but his writing is poetic and laced with humor and grace.

Lauren Canady - The Last Emperox.

The Last Emperox by John Scalzi

Recommended by Lauren Canady, Stanton, English Dept. Developmental Coordinator:

The final book in John Scalzi’s science fiction trilogy The Interdependency, this space opera has been described as Dune meets Game of Thrones...and the complexity of the author’s world-building with feuding houses truly lives up to the comparison and didn’t disappoint! I recommend this author and this series in particular to any science fiction fans!

Allison Hayes

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Recommended by Allison Hayes (Public Relations Director):

A fascinating read about the complex issues of motherhood, racism, conformity, and coming of age. I thoroughly enjoyed the unusual story development and solving the mystery revealed in the first chapter.

And if you enjoy this book, be sure to check out the Hulu miniseries - for once, the "movie" lives up to the book!

Sarah Stapleford reading The Ghost Files by Apryl Baker on a tablet

The Ghost Files by Apryl Baker

Recommended by Sarah Stapleford:

My recommendation is the book "The Ghost Files" by Apryl Baker. If you like horror movies then you’ll enjoy this thriller of a book! It follows a girl named Mattie Hathaway who can see ghosts. When her foster sister goes missing, the police think she just ran away...until Mattie is visited by her foster sister’s ghost. Upon trying to figure out what happened to her sister, she’s visited by the ghosts of other girls with the same wounds as her sister. Mattie has to find a way to convince the police that they are dealing with a serial killer without seeming crazy. As the story unfolds, it will have your heart racing and have you itching to continue to discover who the killer is!

The book cover of Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

Recommended by Charleston Hunt

I recommend this novel if you're into psychological thriller and crime fiction. This novel is fiction but it still reflects on things that can and probably have happened before. I think this novel hooked me for pleasure because I was curious of what else he would do to have her all to himself. This novel had me asking so many questions so I kept reading and I even watched the extend after I read the first release.

Summer Klair holding up Riding the Edge by John Hall

Riding on the Edge: A Motorcycle Outlaw's Tale by John Hall

Recommended by Summer Klair

"Riding on the Edge" is a recent book I pulled out to start reading. I grew up in a political biker family so be warned this book may be slightly controversial since it involves politics and hard headed outlaws. It's a bit of a thriller and offers different perspectives on the way people think about life. I enjoy readings like these though because they take you back to what feels like a more "free" time in society with less laws, etc.

Aubrey Reed-Roland holding up The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth

The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth

Recommended by Aubrey Reed-Roland

This past week I read "The Miseducation of Cameron Post" by Emily M. Danforth. This book is very important to me because I come from a long line of LGBTQ people and am a lesbian myself- the prejudice of being gay was something my grandmother's wife faced heavily growing up. Reading this book has given me a sense of the past as well as understanding my privilege as a modern lesbian.

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