How to Enroll

childcare10childcare10Your child can apply for enrollment in the Child Development Center if you are a

  • Delaware Tech student (click on tabs below to view credit requirements for each campus location)
  • Regular Part-time or Full-time employee of Delaware Tech
  • Member of the community

Your eligibility to apply is not based on race, color, creed, sex, national origin, age, or disability, although enrollment and service for children with disabilities is based on the Center’s ability to provide appropriate care without an undue burden to the Center.

Admission is considered for siblings of children already in the program and children of Delaware Tech students, faculty and staff, and community, based on available openings.

You can be placed on a Waiting List if

  • The Child Development Center is at full capacity

Click on the specific campus location for enrollment forms and additional information.

Campus-Specific How to Enroll Information

Your Enrollment Contact

Kim Pridemore, Program Manager
(302) 857-1720

There is no child care available at the Stanton Campus

Your Enrollment Contact

Daniela Jackson
Educational Lab Specialist
(302) 830-5260

Intake Interview:

Before your child enrolls, at least one parent/guardian must come to the Child Development Center for an Intake Interview with the Director and Lead Teacher. During this interview you will

  • Review the necessary records, authorizations, forms, policies and procedures of the Center
  • Discuss the needs and/or special concerns of your child
  • Learn about the schedule of the day, separation issues, and methods for communicating
  • Know what to bring on the first day of class
  • Discover the benefits of the Gradual Start approach to childcare

Gradual Start:

Once your child is enrolled, you will introduce him or her slowly to the new environment and routines of the Center. You will visit the Center with your child for one or two short days prior to the child’s beginning full time. This way your child’s anxiety about new surroundings, routines, and people will be minimized.

Forms that may be helpful to you: