International Student Advisement

International students are welcomed at Delaware Tech and encouraged to apply. We believe that international students add a rich dimension to our community by contributing both academic talent and cultural diversity to our campuses. Our growing international enrollment has brought students from over 65 nations around the globe.

What do international students like most about the College?

  • Small class sizes (18-20 students)
  • Acceptance with or without standardized college test scores
  • Over 120 programs leading to 2 year Associate degrees, diplomas and certificates
  • English as a Second Language study
  • More than 100 transfer agreements with public and private 4 year colleges and universities 
  • An affordable college education in the United States
  • U.S. immigration advisement

Delaware Tech offers engaging activities and support services to enrich your college experience.  Each campus has an active International Student Club where you can meet new friends. 

international1international1College advisors are available to help you be successful as you pursue your educational goals:

Maria Harris
(302) 857-1020

Jeff Visalli
(302) 259-6078

David Ciamaricone
(302) 454-3914

Zara Mackrell
(302) 552-5971

Note: Delaware Tech is approved by the United States federal government to issue I-20 forms.  Individuals with F-2, B-1, B-2, or M visas may not engage in full-time or degree study in the U.S. until they apply and receive a change of visa status. To learn more about the admissions process please visit the international student admissions page.