About the Library Catalog

library1library1Library Catalog
To search Delaware Tech and its member libraries, use the link above.

My Library Account
To access additional library service features (such as reserving a book), you must login to your library account using the link above. Use your student ID number and pin to login to your account. If you don’t know your pin, contact your campus library.

Distance Learning students should apply for an “electronic” library card and PIN.

Delaware Tech is a member of the Delaware Library Catalog, which is a statewide online catalog listing books, periodical titles, audiovisual items, and e-books in most of the libraries in Delaware. Currently, the Library Catalog includes the participation of

  • 33 public libraries
  • 8 academic libraries
  • 7 special libraries

With your Delaware Tech library card, you can request items from any of these libraries.

What if the book I want isn’t available or is located in a library far away?
You can place a hold on the book, and when it is available, it will be sent to the Delaware library location that you choose.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Find the item you want in the Library Catalog.
  2. Click on “Place Hold"
  3. Enter your library card number, PIN, and the Delaware Tech library where you want the material sent.
  4. Be patient—it may take a few days for the material to arrive.
  5. You will receive a Delaware Tech e-mail notice when your material has arrived.
  6. Bring your Delaware Tech ID/library card when you pick up your material.

library2library2What if I want a book located in a library not included in the Delaware Library Catalog?
Go to the Circulation Desk or Reference Desk at the Delaware Tech library location nearest you. A librarian will help you complete the Inter-Library Loan request form and explain the process to you. It may take one or more weeks to obtain materials from libraries outside the Delaware Library Catalog system. In some cases, you may be charged a fee for borrowing those materials. Your Delaware Tech librarian can provide further information to you.

What if I want to keep my library materials longer?
Circulating materials may be renewed once before the due date, providing they are not on hold for another patron.  Renewals may be made in person, by phone, or online.  Online renewals are done through My Library Account.

My instructor has placed some material on Reserve. How do I access this material?
Go to the Circulation Desk and speak to a librarian. You will need to know the course number and section, your instructor’s name, and the title or description of the material. The librarian will assist you and explain any restrictions. Be sure to bring your student ID card with you. You can use the Reserve Desk link on the gray toolbar of the Delaware Libarry Catalog to see what items are on reserve.